Year: 2010

iRis screenshot of Normacot demolition works

We Install a System to Time-Lapse a Heritage Site

We are very please to be working for fellow producers ‘Inspired Film and Video’ and the City of Stoke-on-Trent Council to time-lapse the demolition of the former Enson works in Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent. The area is at the proud heart of the City’s historic pottery industry, and the former Enson Works has four Grade II listed bottle ovens which lie within its walls. The landmark project will see the demolition of the old factory buildings surrounding the ovens…

Time-lapse still of snowfall at the Nicholson Institute, Stornoway, at night

Time Lapse Systems Withstand Severe Weather

The image above is taken from the viewer of our camera in Stornoway. This one has not been subject to as severe weather as some of our other camera systems…. but, like them, it has captured some great winter construction images…

Time-lapse still of snowfall at the Nicholson Institute, Stornoway

We Install in Stornoway

We have just arrived back from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides where we met some very nice people and installed a time-lapse system to cover a major construction project taking place on the Island.

We really enjoyed this installation, which was in such a beautiful part of the world.

Building Lego Dallas Cowboys Stadium at Legoland Windsor

The Legoland Windsor job progresses well

All is going well as we continue our time-lapse project for Legoland at their main model building workshop in Windsor. The model builders have been working quickly as we take a frame every few minutes to ensure a great time-lapse sequence that will capture every detail of the build. We have made the images available for our clients at Legoland to view through our server and via our new smartphone enabled viewer.

Photo of the iRis 2.5 viewer being used on a mobile phone

Great feedback from our Smartphone app

We’re having some great feedback from clients who are using their mobile phones with our newly developed smartphone enabled viewer to review their projects while they’re on the move. Our IRIS viewer is unique to Hideaway Time-Lapse Systems, and a further example of how we’re continuing to innovate and evolve.

Chessington World of Adventures Wii Party

Chessington job looks stunning!

We have de-rigged the time-lapse camera system at Chessington World of Adventure and are beginning to assemble the edit, which looks stunning! The camera was set to get some great lighting effects – and with our normally high capture rate – we have some great images which we are now working to edit together, using our own unique editing system, which processes images through four editing stages to get the absolute best possible results.

Plans for the Lego scale-model Dallas Cowboys Stadium

We install a timelapse system at Legoland in Windsor

After preparing and testing out a time-lapse camera system for Legoland, we installed it yesterday in the main model building workshop in Windsor. We installed on a specially constructed scaffold to get the camera system in an ideal position to capture the building of a major Lego model destined for the U.S.A.

Inside the Chessington World of Adventures Wii Party tent

We timelapse the construction of a huge Marquee

Over two days we supplied a fully ‘manned’ time-lapse camera system to capture the construction of a marquee at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey.

Since then, we have set up an unmanned time lapse camera system inside the marquee to capture the construction of lighting and staging, a concert, and the eventual de-rigging. We use our highly adaptive scaffolding system both to get the camera in the most advantageous position and to provide it with a very stable and safe operating platform.

Time-lapse still of Pink's Alton Towers concert

We timelapse concert by Pink

We have now time-lapsed the stage construction, the concert itself and the de-rigging of the stage, for the concert by Pink, which took place at the Alton Towers Resort on 27th June…. We now look forward to putting together the edit.

Finished Tesco car park build

We derig a camera system at Tesco in Bromley

The construction of carpark we have been time-lapsing for Condek at a Tesco store in Bromley, Greater London is now complete and we are de-rigging the camera system… The job has progressed without a hitch and we now look forward to following instructions from our client, Condek, for the compilation of the edit.