Year: 2011

Capturing time-lapse at a Horse Guards Parade event

Project at Horse Guards Parade

Our camera looks over Horse Guards Parade towards St James’ Park and The Mall. The temporary Building which Lemon Drop have built can be seen on the Parade Ground, to the right of the frame, with Admiralty House behind it…

Installation at HotRot from a cherry picker

We Install in Kent

Yesterday we installed our latest Time-Lapse-System for HotRot and CFS in Kent. We look forward to working with both companies. Thanks to them for being such nice people to work for. Over the coming months, we’ll be supplying the latest images over iRis (our web viewer) and will ultimately be creating a HD time-lapse sequence …

Time-lapse camera system in situ at Tesco

Time-Lapse at Tesco

We have just completed the Time-Lapse capture of a car park at a Tesco store to enable Tesco and their consultants Transport Planning Associates to monitor traffic flow and the way the car park is used.

Inside HotRot in Kent

Latest Time-Lapse Installation in Kent

Our latest installation will be for CFS and HotRot, at a huge state-of-the-art recycling facility being set up in Kent. One of our Time-Lapse Systems will record the entire delivery and construction of two innovative industrial scale composing units. CFS or Composting Facilities Services are leaders in waste management in the South East.

iRis screenshot of Normacot demolition works at night

Bottle Kilns Revealed

Our time-lapse system sited in Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent captured the demolition of the former Enson works. We recorded the demolition with a high capture rate in order to collect sufficient images to provide a thorough time-lapse film of the process. The demolition revealed the four Grade II listed ‘bottle kilns’ or ‘bottle ovens’ which lay inside the site…