Time Lapse Project for UEFA

We were honored that UEFA chose us above any other time-lapse company for this prestigious project.

Over four days we captured around 90,000 images for UEFA at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in North London. We had cameras set up in numerous locations to time-lapse the complete set up, match itself, and de-rigging of the Champions League game between Arsenal and AC Milan.

We worked on this project with our good friends and colleagues Ollie Larkin and Zeb Atkins, who (despite being trapped for a while on the balcony of their hotel), were vital to the success of the job.

Over four days, we time-lapsed the entire event, from start to finish, including:
the UEFA signage vehicles unloading and loading
the signage teams at work in numerous locations, to dress the stadium
the match itself
the hospitality areas
the press rooms
the crowd filling and emptying the stadium

We used the best cameras, with a mixture of lenses in a variety of locations; including wide-angle panoramas from gantries, close ups from pitch-side and even cameras attached to folk-lift trucks.

The complete record of the time-lapse work for UEFA has now been sent to their headquarters in Switzerland.

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