Time Lapse and Filming for Vision Express

We have just completed a project for Vision Express, to document the
re-building and fitting-out of their new state-of-the-art flagship store on Oxford Street.

Vision Express commissioned us to produce a presentation piece centered on
the transformation of their new store, through to the opening day. We installed
a HD time-lapse camera system in the store for a number of weeks to capture
the early works, during which time the interior of the building was completely

We then covered the re-stocking and opening of the store through time-lapse
capture of various activities.

We are also specialists in other areas of film making, working for many high
profile clients to produce corporate and advertisement pieces.

Thus, for Vision Express we were able to combine elements of a) long-period networked time lapse, b) shorter period time-lapse photography from more
mobile positions c) more conventional film making and photography d) editing
and post production – all to produce the final sequence, which showcases this
amazing new Oxford Street store.

A big thank you goes to Vision Express and their staff, all of whom contributed to making this a particularly enjoyable project.

You can see the finished sequence below:

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