Year: 2014

Cosmos Space

Exploring the cosmos

On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon when Apollo 11 touched down on Earth’s only satellite.
Only another 11 humans have repeated the feat since, but our fascination – as a species – with space has not gone away.

A player serves on the Champions Tour at the Royal Albert Hall

Breaking away from conventional time-lapse videos

Lots of time-lapse sequences uploaded to Vimeo – one of the most popular moving photography sharing websites – are based around a beautiful landscape.

What gets lost amongst the many thousands of them is the different, more inventive clips.

HD time-lapse image of a construction site.

Managing construction projects with remote photography

Using time-lapse to record and monitor nature and animals is no new thing.

But a rise in use across the construction and demolition sectors means that if you are not using time-lapse, are you missing out?

Manchester Ship Canal at night

Manchester Ship Canal Project Captured Remotely

Work at Trafford Park site monitored for United Utilities

PART of the £90 million Manchester Ship Canal clean up operation is being captured by a bespoke time-lapse camera system, the latest in a number of projects we have worked on for clients in the utilities industries…

Tilt-shift shot of a car park

Exploring tilt-shift in time-lapse

Tilt-shift is being utilised by time-lapse photographers looking to add a new level to their edits.

The miniature effects are both fascinating and fun, making them highly desirable for a growing audience.

British RAF flag

Capturing the Hercules Project at RAF Lyneham

In December 2013 Kier Construction announced it had been awarded a £121 million joint venture contract to build a new technical training college, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Working as a 50:50 joint venture with Balfour Beatty, under the name ‘Hercules’, Kier are now delivering the MOD’s new Defence College of Technical Training at the RAF Lyneham airbase in Wiltshire.