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Secret Weapon 6 rollercoaster being constructed at Alton Towers
Time-lapse cameras: a new way to view construction.

Tight deadlines are the bane of many working people’s lives.

Managing workload is a constant struggle that requires stringent attention to detail, something that can be difficult without a visual aid. Remote monitoring photography can help to bridge that gap.

For large, long-period projects – such as construction work, shop fit-outs and time-motion studies – time-lapse photography is a great way to keep on top of things. Because whilst a final edit is always going to make a great marketing tool, it is produced at the project’s completion – and that is not much help as it is ongoing.

A lot of professional companies will offer a final edit, but cannot provide up-to-date images of the project in real-time. A secure, wireless network is of paramount importance for a successful, long-term time-lapse job. Without this, images are essentially ‘stuck’ on the camera system

The majority of camera system providers will have to travel to the site and manually download images, before then having to send them to you. This is not time-effective for anyone – and it means you cannot access live images of your project, as you require them.

The benefits of employing a specialist time-lapse company is that they can build a bespoke online viewing window for you, which populates with images in real-time. This allows you to monitor everything from delivery of materials to long-term timescales, whether you need to access it from a PC, Mac, mobile phone or tablet.

What it means is you can react immediately if things go off track – or continue new methods that are improving your workflow. This minimises on losses and encourages employees to stay on target.

Adding remote site monitoring to your management repertoire is a sensible move if you are likely to be away from the project for large periods of time or you want/ need a constant record of what is going on. It should be considered a vital tool to help eradicate costly mistakes.

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