Spring has sprung in these time-lapses

We are now 125 days into 2015.

May 5 also means just 240 days of the year remain in the Gregorian (Western) calendar for this 12-month period.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this particular date marks the midpoint of spring. And despite those flashes of warm weather, most people probably still feel a bit wintery rather than summery.

(According to Chinese astronomy summer starts on or around 5 May. We should be so lucky!)

But to keep a spring in your step as we slowly slog away to the summer, here are some ‘interesting’ seasonal time-lapse videos we have found hidden away in the depths of the Internet.

Daffodils – the quintessential spring-time flower – are the focus of Trevor Shannon’s short-but-sweet time-lapse:

Spring also signals the time for many animals to emerge from hibernation. In addition to this, you are likely to see lambs start to frolic about and you are also bound to stumble across images of newly hatched chicks. It is just that time of year:


And finally Tapani Toivanen captures the turning of the seasons perfectly in his short “Spring Time Lapses” video – as new life grows out from the darker and more depressing winter scenes:

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