The Twelve Days of Time-Lapse – 2017

We are now well into December – and just one week away from Christmas! Beginning on Christmas Day, the popular carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” tells a story of a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each day.

Three years ago, we celebrated this special time of year with 12 time-lapse videos that had a very tenuous link to those gifts.

And once again, we’ve put our own unique spin on this classic festive song. Having searched the Internet hight and low for (sometimes loosely) relevant videos, we present to you The Twelve Days of Time-Lapse – 2017:

Twelve Drummers Drumming

We’ve managed more than twelve drummers to kick-start our festive journey. In this time-lapse, we see the 2014 Drum Corps International World Championships. The DCI is an organisation for junior drum and bugle corps in the USA and Canada, dedicated to providing “life-changing experiences for youth through the art of marching music performance”.

Eleven Pipers Piping

As you can probably have guessed, it’s pretty difficult to find a time-lapse of eleven pipers piping. What we do have for you, however, is the installation of an organ facade made up of 95 pipes between eight and 22 feet in length. The process took two-and-a-half days to complete but the beauty of time-lapse means that you can watch it unfold in just over three minutes!

Ten Lords-a-Leaping

It probably appears as though our links are getting even more tenuous as we progress, but we think that a time-lapse video showing ten Mexican jumping beans is a pretty decent substitute for “Ten Lords-a-Leaping”. Seed pods are inhabited by the larva of a small moth, which jumps when heated in an attempt to roll the seed to a cooler place. Ingenious but we agree, not at all Christmassy.

Nine Ladies Dancing

We might not have nine ladies dancing but we do have a time-lapse video documenting two ladies dancing their way through their nine-month (see, “nine”-
clever, eh?) pregnancies. There is a difficulty when time-lapsing dancing activities, as it is a mode of photography that delivers a reduction of time. In this case, the dancing is captured in real-time but is edited together and staggered over the course of a nine-month period ending, quite predictably, with two babies!

Eight Maids-a-Milking

Due to the aid of robotics, there is no need to rely solely on milking by hand. So rather than bringing you “Eight Maids-a-Milking”, we bring you just one lone farmer milking 150 cows. Furthermore, thanks to the accelerating capacity of time-lapse photography, you can watch (more like take a glimpse at) this happening in just seven seconds!

Seven Swans-a-Swimming

It’s pretty slim pickings for “swans-a-swimming” rendered through time-lapse. We do have an inflatable swan, though – brought to life with lots of oxygen!

Six Geese-a-Laying

This is a beautiful time-lapse showing a Canada Goose nest situated on the banks of a lake in Cheshire during a few hours at sunrise. Amazingly, the goose allowed the photographer near enough to set up his camera this close to the nesting site – close enough for us to spot six eggs (which is close enough to “Six Geese-a-Laying” for this blog!)

Five Gold Rings

There is not a snowflake in sight in this video but we definitely have five rings – The Olympic Rings to be exact! Arriving directly from London to much warmer climes in Rio de Janeiro, The Olympic Rings represent the union of each of the five continents competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This time-lapse shows their installation in Madureira Park, in the heart of the North Zone of Rio in anticipation of the Olympics in 2016.

Four Calling Birds

As we have covered extensively on this blog previously, time-lapse and Lego go hand-in-hand, with us having been involved with many Lego-based construction projects ourselves. This time-lapse video is not one of our own, but is another great example of a large-scale Lego construction. It’s not four calling birds but it’s Red the Angry Bird (so it’ll do).

Three French Hens

We don’t have “Three French Hens”, which is quite surprising considering the amount of poultry-related time-lapses there are out there on the Internet! We have managed to find this video of two hens and a rooster (so, three birds in total…) in Australia; a fascinating documentation of their behaviour.

Two Turtle Doves

This is not strictly time-lapse, but rather an animated sequence beginning with the designer’s rough sketch and ending with a completed holiday card. The finished product is a colourful pastel and gouache artistic rendering of two turtle doves.

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

To end this special Christmas feature, here is all the Twelve Days of Christmas, courtesy of Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is a stunning feature for the holiday season, celebrating each day of this traditional English Christmas carol with stunning individual hand-made displays.


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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