Special photo moments – the day the sky turned red

Above: a view of a time-lapse construction project in London, framed by the unusual sky of October 16, 2017.

Besides the numerous practical benefits of regular interval capture, there is also the potential for time-lapse photography to isolate more extraordinary, ‘magical’ moments.

Previously we have reported on some of the ‘special photo moments’ captured by our own camera systems, including a collection of images featuring the rare and wonderful sight of rainbows appearing over construction sites across the UK.

Looking back at our image archives, we have collated another special series of images featuring another meteorological phenomenon that took place in October 2017.

Since referred to as ‘the day the sky turned red’, many parts of England reported to have experienced a strange red-yellow hue in the sky. Such an unusual, ‘apocalyptic’ aesthetic was apparently the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia that had hit Ireland and the west of Britain, which had dragged in tropical air and dust from the Sahara.

The phenomenon garnered much attention from news and social media outlets, with many photographs capturing the rather bizarre sight in various parts of both the West of England and further East, in London.

Here’s a selection of such images captured by our very own camera systems.

Unusual red sky phenomenon captured over Angel Gardens, Manchester.
Above: Angel Gardens, Manchester covered in a yellow hue.


St Mary's Axe under an unusual red sky.
Above: the unusual phenomenon also illuminated the scene at St Mary’s Axe in London.


Blackwall Reach, one of our time-lapse construction projects in London, on the day that the sky turned red.
Above: another of our time-lapse construction projects in London, looking almost ‘apocalyptic’.


An image captured by one of our camera systems on a time-lapse construction project for Kier Services.
Above and below: perhaps the most striking of these images, captured by one of our camera systems for Kier.

One of our time-lapse construction projects for Kier Services.

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