Capturing Eastertide with time-lapse

The celebration of Easter is just around the corner, so we have collated several time-lapse videos which capture what is special about this time of year.

As a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, Easter involves many religious symbols. As the son of God, there have been many depictions of Jesus in religious, as well as popular culture.

Easter Painting timelapse


Believed by Christians to be divine but also human, shoulder-length hair and a beard is a familiar imagining of Jesus. In this short time-lapse video you can see this iconic depiction gradually take shape with paint on canvas.

Indeed, crafts and other creative pursuits are customary at this time of year. Whether simply painting Easter greetings or decorating the church stage for the Easter season, there’s plenty to do.

Egg Decorating Robot


Hollow eggs carry religious significance at Easter, symbolising the empty tomb from which Jesus arose after his death. Decorating eggs of different sizes has become a popular past-time during the Easter festival. But how about an egg decorating robot (above) to save you the trouble of doing it by hand? A custom that is observed in many cultures, this is not an activity that is reserved only for Easter celebrations.

Time-lapse offers an ideal medium for capturing the intricacies of this craft, with each stage requiring great care and attention. Even for this robotic process, time-lapse is able to isolate the particularities of this computerised preparation as well as the decoration itself.

Easter Sunrise Timelapse


Capturing the rise of the sun on Easter Sunday is also a popular use of time-lapse.

The beginning of spring also sees the days and nights start to draw out after the darkness of the winter months, so this is the ideal season to capture such a sight. Time-lapse is ideal for highlighting gradual celestial movements like this, as the increased rate at which frames are played back makes time appear as if it is ‘lapsing’.

Resurrection | The birth of Daffodils


Another visual motif used at Easter time to symbolise the resurrection is the budding of flowers. Daffodils – customary as a gift for Mother’s Day in the UK – it is a flower that signifies the start of spring and the start of new life.

Time-lapsing this makes the ideal Easter greeting and a perfect video to end with – Happy Easter!

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