Special photo moments – perfect for all weathers

Above: a rainbow beginning to appear above construction work at Wellington Place, Leeds.

As a professional time-lapse company, commissioned to capture all manner of projects which take place all year round – our camera systems need to function 24/7 in spite of the seasonal changes.

Previously we have reported on some ‘special photo moments’ captured by our own camera systems, which brought together images of particular weather-related phenomenons (including fog, rainbows, sunrise and an unusually red sky).

Looking back at our archives we have collated together a series of images from each of the four seasons.

The mark of a professional time-lapse provider is that their service guarantees continuous capture. A ‘time-lapse toolkit’ is fundamental to ensure reliable capture outdoors, which includes: robust camera protection; secure fixing; remote access & monitoring; and experienced engineers.

While documenting some stereotypical weather conditions, these rather remarkable images (below) also work to demonstrate the ability of our camera systems to provide faultless capture regardless of challenging external factors:

A full rainbow appears over construction progress at Wellington Place, Leeds.
Above: the rain and the sun is an excellent combination whenever it involves a full rainbow.


A foggy evening at Coast Road Junction.
Above: despite the fog at Coast Road Junction, our cameras are still able to track progress and produce interesting compositions like this one.


A dusting of snow at Milburngate.
Above: a light dusting of snow and a hint of blue sky is also a lovely combination.


Snow batters our camera overlooking progress at Angel Gardens.
Above: our camera system continues to capture as snow batters Manchester.


Sunrise over a Kier construction project.
Above: from sunrise…


Sunset behind Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
Above: …to sunset. Our cameras provide continuous capture at all ours of the day, if needed.


The construction of Hull Venue coming along nicely in the sunny weather.
Above: our time-lapse camera systems are prepared for it all when capturing outdoors. But we do look forward to sunnier images like this one from Hull Venue.
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