Time-lapse catch-up – videos you might’ve missed

There is a plethora of content out there on the Internet just waiting to be explored. We bring you some of our favourite time-lapse videos from across the Internet, fresh from the past seven days.

Time-lapse photography is able to take processes that are subtle or inconceivable to the human eye and make them appear obvious by speeding them up.

This video is the perfect example of how effective this can be; highlighting the beautiful movement of light, shadow and mist across Austrian and German landscapes that would otherwise have been missed.

Such subjects of the natural world have become one of the ‘classic’ subjects of time-lapse. Among these quintessential applications are also videos of the setting sun. How about an exploding spring sky in Denver to see this kind of thing in action?

Recently we have covered how time-lapse can be a great tool for capturing artistic creation.


This creation (above) shows how time-lapse may be applied to artistic projects of any size – even those that take shape on the side of a building.

Showing the incredibly detailed work that went into this wall mural, it is through time-lapse that we are able to see it take shape phase by phase. Watching the process can be as fascinating as witnessing the finished product.

Indeed, the city holds many an adventure for time-lapsers – both amateur and professional. Nowadays it’s becoming easier to time-lapse on-the-move, with all manner of applications enabling capture from a smartphone.


This time-lapse video (above) tells a very sunny story of London, showing familiar sights along with the ebbs and flows of the crowds. The compact size of an iPhone, as well as a mobile gimbal device, meant that this time-lapse footage could effectively emulate the movement and energy of the capital.

Walking through the city is part of everyday life for some but time-lapse is a medium which allows the ordinary to appear extraordinary.

Although simple, even pouring milk into a coffee can appear fascinating when rendered through time-lapse capture – even more so if it shows this in reverse. Short but sweet.

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