More time-lapse videos you might’ve missed

There is a plethora of content out there on the Internet just waiting to be explored. We bring you some of our favourite time-lapse videos from across the Internet, fresh from the past seven days.

A common but nonetheless compelling application of time-lapse photography to begin with: this video by Louis Raphael tracks the movement of thick morning fog as it descends on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Although fog can be troublesome, when you’re watching from the Marin Headlands – or, indeed, viewing this time-lapse video – the stirring power of such elements can be appreciated without constraint.

Weather patterns such as these can be difficult to discern in real time. Time-lapse is an effective tool to capture subtle changes over time. The following video offers a great illustration:


The time-lapse showcases an installation from students at TAFE NSW (Australia’s largest vocational education and training provider) as part of Vivid Sydney 2018 – the city’s annual festival of light, music, and ideas.

The use of time-lapse really helps to bring out the changes, not only in the visual display, but in the surrounding natural light.

Indeed, time-lapse is also ideal for capturing ‘process.’ A large-scale creative project involving more than one pair of hands – like the one shown here – shows the finished product coming to life incrementally, which can be fascinating to watch at speed.

But time-lapse can also be used in conjunction with other visual techniques to further enhance a narrative.

Recently we have covered the innovative applications of the latest in 360-degree video technologiesThis video by Creative Action combines both 360-degree technology and time-lapse.

Evocative images and words associated with certain experiences during particular creative engagement classes were drawn onto the internal six sides of a cube and recorded using regular interval photography. The result is an extraordinary, interactive visual representation of a particular creative journey.


We began this time-lapse round-up with a ‘trendy’ subject and so it feels fitting to end with one. If you didn’t manage to catch the full moon last month, here’s a glorious depiction of it brought to you using time-lapse.

Tracking lunar movements can be quite tricky without the right equipment but if you’re prepared then you might be able to create something like this. The ancient temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion, southeast of Athens provides an iconic silhouette to this special moon.

Known as the ‘Flower moon’, because May is associated with flowers blossoming and blooming at this time of year, time-lapse is an excellent way to capture lunar magic.

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