Time-Lapse Trends: 3D drawings

“Time-Lapse Trends” is a video blog series which draws attention to some of the many exciting trends in time-lapse production. We feature a new trend in each instalment, to demonstrate the scope of the medium and the various ways in which it is applied, ranging from the popular to the more obscure.

3D drawing has become a trending subject across the Internet, with time-lapse being the perfect tool to capture it.

One of the staples of 3D drawing is the incredible amount of detail that is needed in order to give it a multi-dimensional form. It is this level of detail – through tone, shade, and colour – which makes the drawing appear as if it’s jumping out of the page.

As Marcello Berenghi’s ‘Gummy Bears Drawing’ (below) shows, a 3D drawing (like any drawing, in fact) is built up of multiple layers.


He begins with broader blocks of colour before moving on to smaller details such as different shades of light, all of this with a multi-media approach.

Creating hyper-realist illustrations with a mixture of paint, pencil, and pen, Barenghi’s work attempts to bring everyday objects to life on the page, encouraging viewers of his work to see these products in terms of how they accompany us throughout our lives – even it’s as simple a thing as gummy bears!

Time-lapse photography has facilitated a means in which Berenghi and other artists can showcase their artwork effectively to a wide audience. Check out his other videos, including his drawings of the Amazing Spider-Man and a couple of apples. Whatever the subject of the drawing, they all follow the same format.

Elsewhere on YouTube, other artists have developed their skills to create other 3D signature styles.

The work of Jasmina Susak, for instance, incorporates a technique whereby she cuts around her drawing in order to further emphasise its multi-dimensional quality.


As her drawing of Batman illustrates (pun totally intended), the cut-out technique along with the detail of shadow, creates the illusion of flight. The same technique can be used to create various compositions.

Iconic characters and the use of bold colours are not the only ingredients for a good 3D drawing.

Matthias Ulrich’s time-lapse video shows his drawing of playing cards from video game, Red Dead Redemption. Featuring mainly pale colours, the level of detail is incredible, giving the drawing an almost tactile quality.

As well as showing the finished product of someone’s art in a matter of minutes, time-lapse is also incredibly valuable in terms of how it can be applied to show an artist’s creative process.

From Erica McBain’s time-lapse video, recording her 3D drawing of levitating Buddha, the process is made clearly visible.

Indeed, regular interval photography is an ideal tool for documenting the intricacies of 3D drawing, and when put together in a larger visual sequence, it can be an incredibly absorbing process to engage with.

For more 3D-related time-lapse videos, check out our very first instalment of “Time-Lapse Trends” where we focus on the process of 3D printing.

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