iRis 4.0 is here

The latest version of our revolutionary viewing portal is now available to all our clients.

iRis 4.0 continues to push the boundaries of our time-lapse and site monitoring service, delivering an even greater degree of flexibility for clients wishing to keep an eye on projects remotely. View, compare and share a full, secure archive of images – all from one simple-to-use portal.

This recent upgrade continues the work of our development team, who have engineered an even more user-friendly and streamlined interface than available with previous incarnations of iRis.

We are one of the only time-lapse and site monitoring companies in Europe to offer a true, end-to-end solution – everything is designed, developed, built and controlled in-house.

What to expect with iRis 4.0

We always endeavor to upgrade our equipment & services as soon as technology and our ability to harness it evolves. This significant upgrade to iRis is just one of these ongoing improvements.

We have listened and responded to the needs of our clients, implementing a number of new features which heighten the usability and responsiveness of the platform.

One of these key upgrades is the new compare image functionality.

We have added both side-by-side and overlay options, allowing clients to easily analyze two different stages of work at one time, on a single screen.

iRis 4.0 also includes:

  • A new mobile and tablet friendly app-style interface
  • As well as a new desktop view mode
  • A new full screen image viewer mode
  • A streamlined dashboard layout
  • Even more sharing options (including direct integration with major social media platforms)
  • And is fully responsive on all modern browsers and devices.

As well as these new features, we have also re-designed & re-developed many signature elements of iRis 3.0, improving user-end functionality and performance. These include:

  • Improved zoom on all modern browsers and devices
  • A larger image viewing area
  • Faster image loading speed
  • Improved ‘switch camera’ functionality
  • Improved security for both private & public viewers
  • Plus many other improvements

New & improved features, same guarantees

Of course, all of these new and improved features are offered alongside the same professional guarantees.

Our servers are protected by the highest levels of security. And individual clients’ online archives of images are password-protected, giving them full control over accessibility.

Plus, the dashboard is still highly customisable, offering a tailored experience to suit our clients’ varied needs, whether for internal use or to be shared externally with stakeholders and the wider public.

iRis 4.0 – including both compare image functions – is now available to all our new and existing clients at no extra cost.

We are attentive to the changing needs of our clients and so the evolution of our services will not stop here. We are already working on the next generation iRis viewer, whilst continually updating & upgrading iRis 4.0 in the meantime.

Visit our site monitoring services page to find out more about iRis 4.0 and our construction monitoring solutions, or if you have any queries about any of our services, please do get in touch.

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