Another mid-week time-lapse video catch-up

There is a plethora of content out there on the Internet just waiting to be explored. We bring you some of our favourite time-lapse videos from across the Internet, fresh from the past seven days.

Like any mode of photography, time-lapse is a visually engaging way through which to capture special events. Unlike traditional still photography, however, time-lapse preserves a moving memory.

‘Hot Air Balloon TimeLapse’, uploaded by Ken Sklute, shows a stunning sight at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This exciting event takes place over nine days in October every year and is the largest festival of its kind in the world.

Time-lapse exaggerates motion by capturing images at staggered, but regular, intervals. This has worked incredibly well with hot air balloons as the subject due to the lively movements they make as they are prepped to fly. The ‘bobbing’ motion each balloon makes once airborne is especially fascinating to watch through time-lapse.

From one event to another: this video from Covalent uses time-lapse to go behind-the-scenes of TEDxPittsburgh 2018.


TED is a global media organisation whose annual conference introduces talks on scientific, cultural and academic topics under the slogan, “ideas worth spreading.” TEDx was created in the same spirit, supporting independent organisers who want to create a local TED-like event in their own community.

As is evident from the above video, time-lapse can be an effective tool for building a visual narrative. The video is comprised of over 5, 000 images which introduce and help to tell the story of the speakers for TEDxPittsburgh.

Each speaker is introduced in their own world but at the same time, each speaker is connected to the other using clever and inventive tracking movements with the camera. The overlaying dialogue also helps to set the tone and topic of the event.

If you want more lovely tracking shots in combination with time-lapse, ‘Six Years of Boston’ by Andrew Young is also for you.

Movement of the camera during capture is a great way of adding depth, perspective and a dynamism to your time-lapse. In a city environment, it’s almost like you’re part of it – walking around and exploring Boston for yourself.


As well as cityscapes, clouds or, indeed, any weather formation are a popular subject for time-lapse. The above video plays around with perspective to create a different take on a time-lapse of cloud movement.

Aerial photography is also a means of enhancing perspective, particularly if you are capturing weather patterns. Time-lapse in combination with drones is one way to go about this.

This time-lapse video shows the recent Winter Solstice sunset along the Gold Coast in Australia. Unlike the UK and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, who have recently welcomed the longest day of the year as part of the Summer Solstice, Australia and those in the Southern part of the world experienced the shortest day of their winter.

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