Time-lapse & social media: the perfect combination

It is becoming increasingly incumbent upon professionals in any sector to market themselves and their work on social media platforms. For contractors big & small, this too is an important part of day-to-day workflow.

Social media as both a platform and as an activity often feeds the discovery of new content. This is an incredibly important avenue for businesses, then, as they look for ways of driving traffic and attention to their website – and more importantly, their work.

The immediacy of communication that is possible via social media is another plus. Tweeting, posting updates on Facebook, or quickly snapping an image on SnapChat can be a fairly simple and efficient means of promoting what you offer.

Furthermore, if a business is active on social media and posting regularly, this lets consumers know that they are present and willing to communicate. This can hold many positives for businesses and their customers alike, not least because it helps to build up a relationship, but also to encourage the start of a communication channel.

Social networks themselves are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is of little surprise, then, that businesses are utilising such online operations as part of their wider marketing strategies.

Social media icons polaroids.

Social media & time-lapse

In our line of work as a leading time-lapse & site monitoring provider, the media that we produce for our clients is often used to advertise and promote their services online.

Of course, time-lapse photography is also incredibly viable alongside more traditional media too. As we have evidenced elsewhere with reference to some of the ways in which our own work has been used, time-lapse has become an integral part of news reporting practice on television.

For many businesses, however, social media and other online platforms may be the first point of contact with potential customers.

But it can be quite tricky to be seen on sites that attract high volumes of traffic. In this sense, time-lapse photography is an ideal form of content which helps businesses to stand out online.

Additionally, time-lapse videos are also multimedia as standard and are easily incorporated into the online frameworks of sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A professionally post-produced time-lapse video adds flare and style to your brand; customers scrolling through their Twitter timeline, for example, could be encouraged to pause and take note of your work.

Time-lapse construction

Exemplary of how time-lapse and social media compliment one another are the varied uses by contractors in one of the biggest industries in the world.

Project Capella first storey under construction
Above: the first storey of Project Capella under construction.

Now a genre in and of itself, time-lapse construction involves the application of regular interval photography to a building or other infrastructural project, in order to make such a process perceivable in a high quality sequence of no more than a few minutes long.

There are numerous other benefits for contractors, including:

  • better management of site via robust, sophisticated, remote camera systems;
  • a secure online archival imaging system;
  • the ability to view and share images & videos with numerous invested parties and across numerous platforms;
  • a stunning visual record of construction.

(For more information about the latest version of our own revolutionary viewing portal – iRis 4.0 – read our news report).

The end result of time-lapse capture is a fully post-produced, high quality video which professional time-lapsers ensure are tailored to the requirements of a particular client.

For contractors big and small, time-lapse videos can be produced with brand logos, project names, dates, and other relevant information. This helps to create consistency with other marketing materials, as well as communicate who they are and what they do in a concise and compelling visual sequence.

Time-lapse construction on social media

Time-lapse videos are helping to engage larger audiences for contractors when shared on social media platforms.

To some, construction may not sound like a particularly enthralling subject; but when there is a new building under construction in a town or city, or another structure that is of interest to both the visiting and surrounding public, it is often considered to be newsworthy content.

Plus, time-lapse construction videos are fascinating forms of media and often encourage you to appreciate the vigorous work that goes into such projects.

Social media effectively facilitates such news reports by providing new and dynamic content: see, for example, one of our own Tweets about a time-lapse construction project in Manchester being used as part of a Place North West article.

Special events involving construction can also pique public interest. The combination of time-lapse capture and social media is very effective in this area too.

Project file – Victoria Embankment Gardens

We were commissioned to time-lapse the construction of a temporary cinema venue for the BFI at Victoria Embankment Gardens, situated between Blackfriars Bridge and Westminster Bridge in the heart of London.

The structure – which has been re-erected on numerous occasions since – was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the London Film Festival.

Due to the prestigious nature of this event, and of the remarkable nature of such a state-of-the-art structure in the capital, a fully post-produced time-lapse video (above) proved to be an incredibly successful promotional srtategy.

Our editors worked tirelessly to turn over the video within a particularly tight timeframe so that the BFI could then publicise and drum up anticipation for the event before the cinema officially opened its doors.

The 60-second edit, shared on both Twitter and Facebook by the BFI, was a concise snippet of action but was enough to communicate what was happening and create a public conversation about the upcoming celebrations on social media.


Time-lapse photography – interactive, immersive and timeless – is the ideal tool to enhance your brand via memorable, unique and stylish content. Furthermore, social media opens up your content – and by extension, your business – to a potentially global audience almost immediately.

With the social media industry expanding and use increasing, it is no doubt that they will maintain their function as an important requisite element of online marketing in construction and many other industries.

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