Time-lapse video catch-up – what you might’ve missed

With so much content flooding the Internet, it is easy to miss things. Here’s a few of our favourite time-lapse videos fresh from the past seven days.

One of the main perks of time-lapse photography is that it grants speed to progress; images are captured at a much lower, regulated frame rate than when viewed together in sequence, thus creating the illusion that time is ‘lapsing.’

This is just as effective working close-up with your subject as it is when shooting from a distance.


The natural process of leaves changing colour in this video (above) is a privilege to be able to see – and one we would not be able to conceive of without the help of time-lapse.

Strangely, in speeding things up, this method of photography allows you to see much more detail, as if slowing things down. As Anthony Scott’s time-lapse of a watercolour painting illustrates, the process is opened out in a way that reveals results almost immediately.

This is useful for activities which take place over long periods of time, such as LEGO builds. As a great example, Spike Hoban has captured the complex construction of a space Lunar Lander.

Our own time-lapse solutions have also been used to great effect in several scenarios featuring LEGO scale-models.

Another time-lapse video which really caught our eye is Mike Olbinski’s “Vorticity 2 (4K)” (below).


As compilations of storms go, this one is pretty impressive and with a soundtrack to match. As with any weather formation, particularly those that involve clouds, time-lapse only makes these movements more intense; and thus, more thrilling to watch.

Of course, not all subjects are on the same level but time-lapse has the potential to make even the most ordinary of things interesting to watch.

Even a 54 ounce bag of Skittles being separated by colour into individual bowls. Maybe? See what you think.

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