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Off-grid news and blogs

Even when there is no power, we have you covered. Read about some of the projects we have captured using wind and solar solutions in our off-grid news section. Plus blogs on considering other options when consistent power is unavailable.

Steel erection on the FCC Environment job in Lincoln

Benefits of remotely monitored time-lapse capture

How time-lapse can keep you in-the-loop when you are not on site and the multiple uses for its application. Find out everything you need to know about this versatile site monitoring solution.

HD time-lapse image of a construction site.

Managing construction projects with remote photography

Using time-lapse to record and monitor nature and animals is no new thing.

But a rise in use across the construction and demolition sectors means that if you are not using time-lapse, are you missing out?

A single solar panel

Solar, Turbine and Battery

We have been working with specialists in the UK, USA and Australia to develop full off- grid capability for our camera systems in the UK.

Where the supply of on-grid power has not been possible, we have been able to offer combinations of solar and battery systems for some time. But our systems are not simple web-cam systems. They work to produce the very best image quality and contain an array of other sophisticated components which allow us to control capture maintain network, control the climate in our housings, and so on…