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Visually engaging and professional construction time-lapse video. An essential part of the modern-day construction build process.

What is construction time-lapse video?

Construction time-lapse videos are the perfect way to capture your project from start to finish. Record every second of your construction project and benefit from the results of a professional time-lapse video which can be used as a marketing tools for years to come.

Capture your next construction project with TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY

Create a stunning and visually exceptional video sequence with time-lapse photography. Allowing contractors, civil engineers, and developers to effectively communicate the progress of a project. Displaying key stages of construction, in minutes. Time-lapse photography is an ideal site monitoring and marketing tool for the construction industry.

At Time-lapse Systems we are attentive to the individuality of each of our client’s construction projects. We tailor setups and videos to any aesthetic and stylistic specifications of your brand.

Giving every client the confidence that your time-lapse video can be used to showcase your projects. Whether this is to investors, shareholders, or across your social media platforms. Or even, other prominent mediums, such as broadcast or TV.

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Choosing the right equipment is critical in construction

Our time-lapse camera systems are focused on a professional DSLR camera. This operates at full capacity, with remote assistance. With this sophisticated setup, interval rates and exposure can be monitored across wireless networks.

This setup ensures a continuous, and uninterrupted capture of your construction site. It also provides this level of capture, for the entire duration required.

Our camera systems are robust, ensuring that internal software is protected from external elements and weather conditions. The professional camera system, its components, and the housing it sits in are built to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. Allowing our camera system to function at optimum capacity for the duration of your construction.

To achieve the optimum time-lapse for a construction project, careful planning is required to gain the best visual scope. Especially when installation can provide a challenge. Installing the camera system in the most advantageous of positions usually requires doing so at height.  Using surrounding buildings or structures, along with stable fixings to hold it securely in place.

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Time-lapse photography captures hundreds and thousands of images. These are expertly organised, and arranged into a sequence. This happens at the hands of highly-skilled editors. Who utilise high-quality editing techniques, facilitated by expensive, post-production software.

Such a visually engaging time-lapse construction narrative has numerous benefits for the building industry. Whether the time-lapse video is of an office, warehouse, residential, public space, or any king of infrastructure project. A time-lapse film can effectively communicate a construction project from start to finish. A visual record of building progress is represented in a stunning sequence of optimum length. Making this an efficient way of marketing the build and services.

The edited sequence of events is easily viewed, shared, and embedded across multiple platforms. Time-lapse video is a visually engaging way for contractors and developers to promote their services.

Time-lapse films are becoming increasingly popular forms of media. They have injected new life into marketing campaigns, and present a creative way of promoting the construction industry. The outcome is perfect for sharing across multiple platforms, on your website, and on TV. Providing an opportunity to reach and engage with a much larger audience in the construction sector.

Developing both in form and popularity, time-lapse for construction is proving an effective and efficient tool. As time-lapse construction continues to grow, we look forward to staying at the forefront of time-lapse technology. The Time-lapse Systems team offers the latest and best techniques to capture your construction projects.

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At the hands of highly skilled editors

The post-produced element of this service – the time-lapse film – is the culmination of months of capture in an impressive visual sequence.

Highly-skilled editors utilise quality editing techniques, facilitated by expensive post-production software. Taking tens, or hundreds of thousands of images captured from a project, and expertly sorting them into a video sequence.

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Better management of a construction site

Whilst time-lapse can document all on-site activity, it also magnifies and isolates particular parts of the construction build process.

At peak periods of build activity, we are able to increase the rate of capture to account for the change of pace. Equally, we have the capability to pan and zoom at specific times to focus on details. Plus, any camera moves are factored into the running schedule as the construction site develops.

All the images captured are provided through our secure online viewing portal, iRis 4.0 which can be used to view, download, and share as and when needed. Equipped with a full-time and date-stamped archive of images, it allows contractors and other invested parties to remain in the loop about the project timeline from beginning to end.

Our viewing portal, iRis 4.0 enables access via any handheld device as standard, meaning that site management is not inhibited by the absence of a desktop browser and can be viewed on the go.

Warehouse time-lapse services

Time-Lapse Systems has experience in recording bespoke time-lapse footage for complete warehouse fit outs, from start to finish. Working with global brands such as Amazon, GXO Logistics, Well Pharmaceuticals, and Royal Mail, we have captured hundreds of projects using our specialist internal solutions. Our Ultra High Definition time lapse camera systems can be used to document the entire project, or periodically produce sequences to be used in marketing strategies for years to come.

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