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CN Tower Lego model under construction in the workshop at Legoland Windsor

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12 August 2015 Daniel Curtis

Following on from the three-part blog series back in May, this special “Our Work” blog looks at some of the unique time-lapse and video projects Time-Lapse Systems has undertaken.

Capturing projects over any length of time can be achieved using time-lapse.

A camera system is installed in a particular location, taking images at set intervals for a pre-determined amount of time. At the end of this process, images are then edited to remove periods of inactivity and any number of post-production enhances added to ensure a smooth and stable video of the works.

Professional time-lapse companies are able to remotely monitor their equipment to ensure consistent performance and service no matter the length of the project – whether a matter of days or multiple years. It means that only in very rare and exceptional cases is there a need to visit, access or repair camera systems on-site.

However, for some projects a simple fixed-position, one-angle set-up might not capture all the works. Visiting site can actually be beneficial if it allows for additional footage to be capture, camera systems to be re-positioned or additional ones installed. Our video for Molson Coors has previously featured in an “Our Work” blog and is one of many examples where adding tracking mid-way through a project can be beneficial.

We have completed a number of projects for Legoland Windsor, capturing the builds of new scale-models that are shipped to Discovery Centres around the world. The challenge for us is to ensure every edit we produce is of the highest quality, but also unique from one another.

As well as long-term time-lapse, we added elements of rapid interval capture from multiple angles to show every stage of this CN Tower model build. From separate parts of the construction through to packaging for shipping and the completed structure, this video reveals it all.

One of the most complex projects we have taken on was for Essar, who were replacing a regenerator head at their Stanlow Refinery. With no long-term capture needed, our team was on the ground for a number of days, setting up multiple camera systems to document the works. This involved both rapid interval time-lapse and elements of video, along with additional text screens and graphics added at the post-production stage.

Demolition in central London – to make way for 190 Strand – can be a complicated process, involving restricted working conditions amongst a vibrant, active city. But the tight corners of London also mean plenty of fixing positions for a time-lapse camera system. This multi-angle demolition for St Edward is a great example of how using two or more camera systems can enhance an edit and ensure no works are missed.

Some of the most effective sequences we produce include a wide range of techniques, from long-term time-lapse to just a few seconds of close-up video. We recently worked with Southampton Freight Services to document their expansion into new premises.

As well as a fixed-position, long-term camera system, we placed multiple systems around the warehouse for the two busiest days of the move, along with taking various different video segments from a number of angles and positions. The finished edit incorporates footage shot across the full two-month period of the build.

Time-Lapse Systems is much more than just a time-lapse company. Our team has years of experience that lets us specialise in a wide variety of media production techniques. Please give us a shout if you have a project coming up and would like to discuss the different ways to capture and document it.

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