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News The Time-Lapse of Bike Rides

17 June 2024 Holly Eckersley

The simple act of riding a bike offers numerous physical and mental health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength, reduced stress levels, and enhanced mental well-being. Riding bikes is a versatile activity that can be enjoyed solo, with family, or in competitive sports. Time-lapse photography has become a popular method for capturing the dynamic and evolving nature of biking, offering a unique perspective on various aspects of the biking world. From cycle races and family rides to trail exploration and construction projects, time-lapse videos offer a condensed and dynamic view of the biking experience. They capture the essence of biking activities, highlight the efforts involved in creating biking infrastructure, and inspire others to engage in this healthy and enjoyable activity. In this article, we look at the way that bike enthusiasts have used time-lapse to capture their adventures to inspire and entertain others.

Cycle racing Time-Lapse

Time-lapse videos of cycle races provide an overview of the strategic movements and the pack’s dynamics, offering insights into how different segments of the race unfold and how cyclists position themselves for optimal performance. Time-lapse photography can be used to document the progression of the race from start to finish. This media allows viewers to witness the intensity and endurance of the racers, the changing landscapes they traverse, and the fluctuating weather conditions they endure. In this video by RBC GranFondo it shows the start of the 2012 Gran Fondo cycling race in Whistler, from a number of different vantage points. This exciting 122km race offered attendees the opportunity to test their endurance in this beautiful location.

Cycling Time-Lapse

In this YouTube video by gamblne514 a GoPro Hero 3 Black is used to document a cycling route in the morning and evening in Joondalup, Western Australia. The cyclist attaches the camera to the handlebar of the bike giving the viewer the cyclist’s perspective of his journey. We really like this time-lapse video and how it shows the changing light and the lived experience of this quiet suburb.



City Bike Ride Time-Lapse

In this video by TRV Photo, it shows a lovely perspective of New York City through Manhattan onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The rider uses a range of cycle lanes and it shows the busy city centre streets and architecture. Filmed in the evening, the city lights give the video an ethereal quality that is very cinematic.

Bike Trail Construction Time-Lapse

The construction of bike trails is another aspect that benefits from time-lapse documentation. Building a bike trail is a time-consuming process that involves planning, clearing land, constructing paths, and adding features like bridges and signage. Time-lapse photography captures the entire construction process, showing the transformation of a raw landscape into a finished trail. These videos provide valuable insights into the effort and resources required to build trails, highlighting the work of volunteers, organisations, and communities that come together to create biking infrastructure. Time-lapses of trail construction also serve as historical records and promotional tools, showcasing the development and improvement of biking facilities over time. In this video by Treeno, an open garden space is converted into a dirt bike track using a skid steer. The time-lapse sequence shows the progress of the site from a range of vantage points articulating the scale of the project.

Family Bike Ride Time-Lapse

Family bike rides are another area where time-lapse photography is effectively utilised. These rides often take place over a few hours and can cover various terrains and environments. Time-lapse captures the joy and bonding moments shared by family members, showing the progression of the ride from beginning to end. It highlights the interaction between family members, the scenic routes they travel, and the playful nature of biking together. This use of time-lapse helps to create lasting memories and showcases the importance of family time and outdoor activities in promoting a healthy lifestyle. In this video by Mr Whitelander, it shows the beautiful surroundings in detail on this 12km bike ride.

Trail ride Time-Lapse

Trail time-lapses are commonly used to document the experience of biking through nature trails. These time-lapses provide an immersive view of the trail’s environment, capturing the beauty of natural landscapes, the diversity of flora and fauna, and the changing light throughout the day. They show the challenge of navigating different terrains, such as forests, mountains, and coastal paths. They also serve as a visual guide for other bikers, showing the trail’s condition, difficulty level, and key landmarks. By condensing hours of riding into a short video, time-lapses effectively convey the essence of trail biking and inspire others to explore these paths. In this video by Steve Pike, posted on YouTube, it shows the entirety of the popular Monsal trail in the Peak District. Originally built by the Midland Railway in 1863, it runs for 8½ miles along the valley of the River Wye in Derbyshire. Starting in Bakewell and passing through Hassop Station, Great Longstone, Monsal Dale, Cressbrook and Millers Dale to name a few.


We are inspired by how many people are experimenting and using time-lapse photography to document their hobbies and interests to engage others. Time-lapse is a dynamic media that gives the viewer a sense of the context of a project, we hope that others watch these videos and are encouraged to use time-lapse photography themselves.

An image of a man performing a trick on his BMX bike. Time-Lapse Systems. The time-lapse of bike rides.


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Arsenal's empty Emirates Stadium ahead of a Champions League game vs. AC Milan The time-lapse of bike rides.

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