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An image of Huf House, a private residential build, which has been documented by Time-Lapse Systems.

News Time-Lapse for Private Residential Builds

15 May 2024 Holly Eckersley

As the UK’s leading provider of time-lapse, our clients are from a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. We produce some of our most interesting, customised and eye-catching work in the genre of luxury, private house-builds and prestige developments. Such projects demand the highest quality which we achieve through our own unique equipment and methods. Since 2007, we have captured the construction of some of the UK’s premier luxury homes, in very desirable locations. Our clients use our services for many reasons, such as marketing, internal and external communications as-well as for site-monitoring, workflow and progress management. Some of our private clients use our time-lapse cameras to professionally document what is an incredibly personal build as they construct their dream homes. We also often add services such as external and internal (FPV) drone capture, Matterport capture and film and video to enhance and add further dimensions to the documentation of our projects.

As the time-lapsing of private residential builds continues to gain greater popularity, with the home owner, as well as contractors, developers and architects, we consider some of the fabulous homes that we have been lucky enough to chronicle as they have taken shape.

An image of a man holding keys to a new house. The Time-Lapse of Luxury Private Residential Builds.

Time-Lapse Banbury Farmhouse

We time-lapsed a beautiful house in Northamptonshire which was a joy to capture. We documented the construction of a country house, built in a Georgian style with tall sash windows, the property offers exquisite views of its rural location. The time-lapse of this three-storey farmhouse allowed us to capture the full build as well as the landscaping of a new driveway and the early stages of the gardening scheme being put in place, showing impressive formal borders and lawns wrapping around the house.

On completion of the time-lapse capture, one of our drone engineers took some fantastic footage of the finished house showing the full scale of this project and the skill and craft of the building team. Our Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certified drone team only use the highest specification drones and capture and edit our drone footage to the best possible standard. We often capture and merge drone footage with time-lapse which adds to the overall quality of what we are able to produce as a finished document to our clients.

The Time-lapse of a Bespoke Cotswolds Residence

Our team documented the construction of a private residential build in Oxfordshire which is home to the UK’s largest thatched roof. This beautifully designed property uses traditional building materials whilst utilising cutting-edge technology and modern construction. With sustainability at the heart of this project, the exceptional craftsmanship on this property makes the building blend in perfectly with the natural beauty of the Cotswold countryside. The architect and the main contractor wanted to time-lapse the construction of this incredible property not only to showcase the talent and skill of their teams, but to visually capture the complex building process allowing a reference point for future developments.

We provided two of our above Ultra HD camera systems, capturing different perspectives of the construction as it took shape. This farmhouse was cut into the side of a hill and we had one of our camera systems focusing on the left side elevation of the building and the other at the top of the hill capturing the rear and right elevation; looking down at the building activity below. Our expert team of engineers used two of our custom-built fixing solutions to give our cameras the perfect vantage point from which to capture all four elevations of this build. We thoroughly enjoyed capturing this unique residential build up to the final planting and landscaping of the gardens.

The Time-Lapse of a Private Residential Build in Wentworth

We were honoured to capture construction work on a palatial family home on the edge of Wentworth Golf Club. Virginia Water is within easy reach of Heathrow airport and Farnborough airfields and boasts an abundance of private schools which are located nearby. The Wentworth Estate is one of the most desired residential areas in the country and is home to a number of high profile property owners who enjoy its array of country sporting opportunities such as polo and shooting, whilst maintaining easy commuting distance to London.

We deployed two of our senior engineers to install two systems capturing the front and rear of the property. Large pine frees stand tall on the plot to offer shade and privacy, and we used these trees to act as mounting positions for the cameras. The house was built in a Georgian style with quintessential symmetry and tall sash windows. This property had many stunning features including an underground bowling alley which, before groundworks covered it, could be glimpsed projecting from the front of the property as it was constructed. Outside ornate floral schemes, formal borders, lavish children’s play areas and seating and entertaining areas were created in the impressive gardens. We also captured the installation of a waterfall and an incredible water feature in the garden which worked in perfect harmony with a beautiful landscaping design.

Capturing a Unique Demolition and Construction in Virginia Water

We captured the demolition of two substantial family homes to make way for the construction of a luxury super home for our client. Two large plots were combined to make way for this incredible build in Virginia Water, Surrey. This spectacular family home has close proximity to Windsor Great Park and its two mile long lake as-well as all of the fabulous amenities of the Wentworth club. Only a short journey to London this incredible home boasts all of the benefits of quiet country living with the hustle and bustle of the capital city within easy reach. We installed two cameras on two columns at either side of the combined plot to capture the demolition of two houses and the landscaping of the site ready to host the new development, which is now a work in progress.

An image showing demolition work for building contractors Oceans. Time-Lapse Systems. The time-lapse of luxury private residential builds.


Chigwell Time-lapse: A Luxury Family Home

We time-lapsed the demolition of an existing property on-site and the construction of a stunning luxury family home in its place. Our Principal Engineer Paul went to install one of our systems which showed the full scale of this exciting project. Our time-lapse video for our client showed a new driveway being constructed, landscaping of the rear garden and the demolition of outbuildings to the rear as-well as the re-building of the new house. The Essex residence has beautiful stone work with a Portland finish, heritage brickwork and a quintessentially English oak panelled front door. We were delighted to work with the prestigious Brennan Group who were tasked with constructing this incredible build.

The Time-Lapse of Park House

We were delighted to time-lapse an incredible family home for our client, Symm. This luxurious property used a range of handcrafted stone features, such as a large portico and a Portland stone balcony framing the third floor. Beautiful sash windows and the symmetrical design of the residence pay homage to Georgian architecture. This property has a distinctive heritage feel but has all of the benefits of modern building techniques, making a stylish and comfortable living space. Set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside this exceptional property stands in lovely gardens and grounds with a rural outlook. We captured the full build of Park House, charting its evolution into a family home full of tremendous charm and character.

Southampton Private Residential Villa

We created a time-lapse video for Just Develop It as they built a stunning luxury family home in Southampton. The company has grown its extensive private and commercial property portfolio in the last eight years, having currently over 400 properties and have had an impressive 35% year on year growth for the last three years.

We sent two of our very experienced engineers, Mark and Dan, to install at this spectacular property on the South East coast. We always plan meticulously with our clients to ensure we can set up and capture under the best possible circumstances. For this project we managed to get an excellent position for our camera system which captured the front elevation. Our team used specialist scaffolding to create a perfect vantage point in which to secure our camera system to document the full scale of the build.

As usual, our in-house monitoring and editing then remotely micro-managed capture through our 4G networks. Our editing team play a pivotal role in ensuring that our systems work efficiently throughout the capture of a build. Using our own in-house developed software they are able to control all settings on the Pro DSLR cameras that are at the core of our systems, ensuring that changing light, weather and build speed are factored into adjusting ISO, Frame rate, F-Shop and exposure compensation to guarantee quality in each frame. We also always ensure that we keep in contact with our clients so that we are aware of intense on-site activity and we can capture it accordingly.


Time-Lapse of Private Residential Build in Hampstead Heath

We time-lapsed an incredible property being constructed in the affluent residential community of Hampstead. Reminiscent of LA villa architecture, window walls flood this building with lots of natural light, whilst a series of bi fold doors make indoor/ outdoor living easy in this luxurious family home. The sharp geometric shape of the building is striking, whilst a series of carved terraces offer privacy and the balconies allow its residents to enjoy far-reaching views. The sought after location of Hampstead is only a stone’s throw away from the amenities of London city centre, and easy transport links ensure that residents can quickly retreat back to quiet village life whenever the hustle and bustle of our capital city gets too much. The generous garden complete with beautiful water features ensures that the owners have a peaceful place to relax. We provided two of our above Ultra HD systems to capture the entire build of this property. We love the variety of projects that we are lucky enough to time-lapse, and we really enjoy watching the building process unfold and the individual architectural styles of our residential builds.


The House of Canford Cliffs

We are currently time-lapsing this beautiful property in Poole, Dorset. This incredible family home is going to be built in a French Chateau design featuring four floors to make use of the land which is on a slight gradient. One of the largest houses in the area to be built in 20 years, in one of the most exclusive residential addresses, this impressive property offers views of Parkstone Golf Club and is only a short distance away from Poole harbour. Our lovely private clients will soon be able to make use of their own indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, Turkish bath, wine cellar, gym, cinema, lounge bar and a range of comfortable living and entertainment spaces. ARC architects are responsible for this beautifully designed property which makes use of local Portland Stone and hand-made Swanage bricks. This 17,000sq.ft five bedroom property complete with a five car garage offers unrivalled luxurious family living in one of the UK’s most desired locations. Our team have installed two cameras on this project to capture the demolition of an existing house on the site and the subsequent rebuild of this special property. Once the project is complete The Landscape Service and Alexander James Interiors will be adding the finishing touches to ensure that this wonderful property is dream home perfection! We wish our clients every happiness and we are all excitedly watching this build’s progress.

An image created by ARC architecture for the @houseatcanfordscliffs The time-lapse of Luxury Private Residential Builds.An image created by ARC architecture showing plans for The House at Canford Cliffs.

As can be seen here, we have time-lapsed a range of private residential builds all over the UK which will allow our clients a visual record of their construction and renovation journey. As the UK’s leading supplier of time-lapse services we also work with a range of developers documenting the build of housing estates and city centre apartments. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients needs and our commitment to excellence.

If you would like to hear more about the services we offer please get in touch with our approachable team.


An image of a private residential build captured by Time-Lapse Systems. The Time-Lapse of a Private Residential Build.

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