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An image of the London skyline captured by Time-Lapse Systems.

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4 June 2024 Holly Eckersley

Time-Lapse Near Me: We Serve the Entire Breadth of the UK

Time-Lapse Systems has captured numerous and diverse projects across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom for over 20 years. Clients use our timelapse, site monitoring and drone services for a plethora of marketing, communication and technical and construction reporting needs, and our customised portals help clients to view projects in real time wherever they may be, to help various departments glean vital ‘on the ground’ information. We have several strategically placed hubs around the UK which enable our team of engineers to work rapidly and effectively in any location. We work extensively in major cities such as London, Newcastle, ManchesterLiverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast and Southampton to name some, and have garnered an unrivalled reputation for our capabilities and commitment to excellence, earning the trust from clients big and small, including numerous high-profile clients.

Why is it important to use a time-lapse provider with a reach around the UK?

Our familiarity with regional nuances allows us to deliver services that are finely attuned to the particular needs and preferences of specific areas. Often being nearby, means that we can provide swift, on-the-ground support and faster response times, essential for project agility and timely issue resolution. This proximity also fosters stronger personal relationships and a sense of community partnership, as clients can easily meet face-to-face with us, building trust and understanding. These factors, often coupled with lower travel and logistics costs, make us an attractive option for clients who value convenience, community engagement, personalised service and best value for money that comes from working with a more local or regional provider.

For example, we work extensively with many local authorities– and help them engage with their local publics and stakeholders in ways which are unique to the identity of their respective regions. Our team make every effort to understand our individual clients’ needs and the potential challenges of each project.

As well as having a number of hubs, our team remotely control and monitor each of our camera systems continually through our 4G and 5G networks, ensuring that each job runs smoothly and that we perfectly capture every element of each project in the best quality possible. Our team can remotely control all settings on the DSLR cameras and professional lenses that are paired with our systems. They can adjust setting such as F-Stop, ISO, exposure compensation, shutter speed; as well as capture times, interval rates etc, so that we are always capturing in a manner that best accords with changing site activities, changing weather conditions, seasons etc. This micro-management of each project is almost like having a professional photographer on site! Our team make an effort to understand our clients’ needs and the potential challenges of each project, if an engineer visit is required during the progress of a job, we are always happy to send one out quickly.

Our Approach: Why We Are The UK’s Leading Provider of Time-Lapse Services

With a national presence and a commitment to quality, we stand as the premier provider of time-lapse services in the UK and beyond. Unlike some other providers we absolutely DO NOT use off-the-shelf or third-party camera systems or software. All of our equipment and software has been in-house developed over the twenty years of our operation.

This means that we are fully in control of our services; the diversity, the reliability, the prices we offer, the value for money, and of course the quality! Plus, all our hardware and software can be continually technically evolved by us, in-house, to match the custom and changing demands of each client and the broader industry. We certainly do the best job- and often for less!

Another factor that sets us apart as the UK’s leading provider of time-lapse services is our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We understand that each project is unique, and that’s why we take a personalised approach to every client’s needs. From initial consultation to project completion, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realised and their expectations are exceeded.

Regional Time-Lapse Work

We take pride in our ability to serve clients from the southernmost tip of England to the northern reaches of Scotland. This reach extends over every region in the UK. We have operated our camera systems in almost every county in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Regardless of their location clients can benefit from our top tier time-lapse services and our nationwide presence means that we have extensive experience in working in a range of different sectors, and environments; from urban landscapes of the major cities to remote rural settings. Our equipment and methods are used for every imaginable genre of work, including infrastructure, construction, demolition, retail, commercial, manufacturing, event building, cultural and public project work and nature, environment and agriculture- across various regions.

We have chosen some of our stand-out projects and transformations from each region to highlight this diversity and national reach.

Time-Lapse in the North East, Humberside and Yorkshire

Many of our projects in the North East represent the region’s industrial heritage for coal mining, shipbuilding, and heavy industries, such as steel and engineering. We have worked for companies such as Air Products, as-well as on exciting construction projects such as warehouse facilities for Greggs and Amazon as-well as shop fit-outs for popular phone company 3G, to name a few. Amongst the many projects that we have documented in the North-East we have time-lapsed the build of the Milburngate development which is on the banks of the River Wear, as-well as The Fort project in Sunderland. We have also documented highways development work in Newcastle-upon Tyne as-well as the construction of parking facilities in the area.

But some of our most rewarding work has been in the capture of the region’s regeneration. Hull UK City of Culture 2017 was bestowed upon the city by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and as part of the funds to improve infrastructure in the city we placed cameras in several areas to capture the regeneration of streetscapes for Hull City Council and Eurovia. A short time afterward we also captured Hull venue- a great addition.

Time-Lapse in the South West, Hampshire and Berkshire

Our time-lapse work in the South West of England has centred around major cities such as Bristol, Portsmouth and Southampton and our cameras have captured as far as the Isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles. Our time-lapse work in the South West of England encapsulates the region’s construction prowess and natural beauty. Partnering with industry leaders like the Berkeley Group and Weatherhead Construction, we’ve documented the transformation of landscapes into architectural marvels. From residential developments to infrastructure projects, each frame tells the story of progress and innovation. Additionally, our collaboration with utility company Celtic En Globe captures the vital infrastructure that sustains communities. We work extensively in this area and have worked on a range of projects for the Eden Project, Bryanston Independent School, Hochtief Exeter Station Depot enhancement works, residential construction in Bristol for GCL, Southampton Freight, The Mary Rose Museum, Dean Street student accommodation for the University of Bristol students, The Prince of Wales toll bridges, Mayfield Gardens Exeter, modular build construction for Keepmoat Bridgewater, Southhampton Football Club, Alexandra Bougues, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Conrad Energy, Aldershot Barracks, the University of Winchester, Princes Mead Shopping Centre in Farnborough, Eastleigh Rail Station for Network Rail and Tipner Park and Ride.

Time-Lapse Scotland

Our projects in Scotland have been almost as diverse as the nation itself. We have captured in the major cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh Dundee and Inverness, for companies such as Farrans, and have completed projects as far away as Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.We have worked on a range of projects throughout the region, such as the expansion of Glenmorangie‘s warehouse facilities, TVS Glasgow, B & K Glasgow Fort, the St Andrew’s Open Championships, the construction of student accommodation in Glasgow, the multi-sport European Championships, work on the BBC’s offices in Glasgow, a number of retail spaces and cinemas in Edinburgh as-well as the construction of education facilities in the Outer Hebrides. Additionally, we have also provided our cameras for the RSPB as they monitor seabirds in the Mull of Galloway, the Shetland Islands and Fowlsheugh.

Temporary synchronised swimming pool at Scotstoun Campus, Glasgow, ahead of the 2018 European Championships.


Time-Lapse in the North West

Manchester’s vibrant culture and booming economy make it a hub for construction activity, and we are proud to play a role in documenting the city’s growth. From iconic landmarks such as Manchester Town Hall, to innovative developments such as the Leonardo Hotel, Moda Living in Angel Gardens, Muse New Bailey, The Alchemist, Manchester Airport and Select Property on One Port Street, to name only a few. At Time-Lapse Systems we are proud to have captured Manchester’s transformation with unrivalled expertise. Additionally, Liverpool’s rich maritime history and dynamic waterfront make it a captivating subject for time-lapse photography. From the bustling docks to the iconic skyline, we have captured Liverpool’s evolution in all of its splendour. Amongst our numerous projects in Liverpool, we have captured works for Mersey Rail, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Garston Dock & Seacombe Ferry Terminal, Stanlow Oil Refinery, Muse Birkenhead, the National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port, BMS Moreton, Your Housing Group Anfield, Goodison Park, The Littlewoods Project and Boxpark to name only a few.

Our Town Hall, Manchester

Time-Lapse in London and the South East

We have covered thousands of project in London in every sector such as high-profile development works, infrastructure projects and historic landmarks, we have documented London’s ever-changing landscape with unparalleled expertise and precision. We have documented projects in the city for The Royal Albert Hall, Wimbledon, the Emirates Stadium, Louis Vuitton, Legoland, HS2 and work closely with an extensive range of property developers such as The Berkeley Group, Mace, Lodha Group and Barratt Homes amongst many, many others. Our team has installed time-lapse systems across the city. Including in Westminster, Kensington, Leicester Square, the Square Mile, Piccadilly, Oxford Street, Battersea, Mayfair and more. We have also worked in various locations in Greater London, including Hammersmith, Barking, and Harrow.

Additionally, our time-lapse work in the South East of England showcases the region’s innovation and development. Our lenses have captured the construction marvels of cruise terminals, freight facilities and shopping centres, portraying the region’s economic vitality and modernisation. We have also time-lapsed the construction of a number of learning facilities throughout the region for a range of first, primary, middle and high schools, as-well as a range of independent schools and colleges. Through meticulous attention to detail, we’ve encapsulated the essence of progress, offering a visual narrative of transformation and growth in this dynamic corner of the country.


Image of the Emirates stadium.

Time-Lapse in the Midlands and East Anglia

Birmingham’s rich industrial heritage and thriving cultural scene make it a fascinating subject for time-lapse photography. From the bustling streets of the city centre to the sprawling suburbs, we have captured Birmingham’s transformation. We have carried out many jobs in Birmingham including projects for Birmingham Airport, HS2 at Curzon Street Station, Affinity Living on Lancaster Wharf, The Fort Shopping Park in Castle Bromwich and 250 Bradford Street in Digbeth. We work extensively in Stoke-on-Trent and have captured for a range of leisure spaces, museums, football stadiums and theme parks across the region. Our clients include The Potteries Museum, Alton Towers, Capital & Centric and Stoke City Football Club to name a few.

Time-Lapse Wales

In Wales, the time-lapse of projects mirrors the rich tapestry of its landscape, culture, and history. Historically, Wales has been a hub of industry, with projects ranging from mining to manufacturing shaping its identity. We have captured a range of different projects in Wales including flood defence work by Alun Griffiths, development work at Caenarfon Castle, residential development projects for Wates in Cardiff as-well as important conservation work for the RSPB on Skomer Island.

Time-Lapse Northern Ireland

Belfast has historically been known as a thriving industrial hub famed for its shipbuilding prowess, Belfast has since undergone a profound metamorphosis, emerging as a vibrant centre of art, innovation, and diversity. Belfast stands as a shining example of urban regeneration and cultural renaissance. Its waterfront, once dominated by industry, now boasts modern developments and a burgeoning tech sector, symbolising Belfast’s embrace of innovation and progress. The city’s skyline is dotted with cranes once again, not as relics of the past, but as harbingers of ongoing renewal and growth. At Time-Lapse Systems we work extensively in Northern Ireland capturing a range of exciting projects such as The Kings Hall Health and Wellbeing Park in Belfast and Kilroot power station to name a few.

Our Work Across Many Sectors


Our Time-Lapse Work In the Construction Sector

In the dynamic world of construction, time-lapse photography plays a crucial role in capturing the progress of projects large and small. At Time-Lapse Systems, we have had the privilege of documenting some of the most iconic construction projects in the country, providing clients with a unique perspective on the evolution of their buildings. Our expertise in construction time-lapse extends beyond the mere capture of static images. We provide a dynamic visual narrative that artfully highlights the intricate process of construction. From the laying of foundations to the final touches, our time-lapse solutions encapsulate the essence of each construction phase, creating a comprehensive and compelling story that stands as a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship involved.

An image of a project for Barrett Homes taken from one of Time-Lapse Systems cameras.

Demolition Time-Lapse

Demolition is an art form in itself, and our time-lapse services offer a fascinating glimpse into the controlled chaos of demolition sites. From towering structures to intricate demolitions, we have the expertise to capture every moment with precision and clarity.Through our bespoke camera systems and secure on-line viewing platform iRis 5.0, all aspects of demolition, decommissioning and remediation, including top-down deconstruction, remote-controlled demolition, piecemeal demolition, and explosive demolition methods can be fully documented.

Molson Coors demolition.

Our Time-Lapse Work in Education

Education is the cornerstone of society, and we are proud to work with educational institutions to document the construction and renovation of schools, colleges, and universities. We’ve captured for prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, as well as for numerous local authorities including Kent, Cambridgeshire, and Hampshire County Councils. Large, reputable construction companies such as BAM, Kier, and Skanska use our expertise and services to ensure high-quality documentation of their myriad of education build projects.

City Law School, London

City Law School, London

Our Work in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, every second counts, and our time-lapse services help to document the construction of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities with unparalleled accuracy. From groundbreaking to grand opening, we ensure that every milestone is captured in stunning quality.

Hythe Hospital

Our Work in Property Development

Property development is a complex and multifaceted industry, and our time-lapse services offer developers a valuable tool for showcasing their projects to potential buyers and investors. With our high-quality videos, developers can highlight the unique features of their properties and attract interest from prospective clients.

Our Work for Private Residential Builds

From custom homes to luxury estates, we have had the privilege of documenting a wide range of private residential builds. Our time-lapse videos offer homeowners a unique perspective on the construction process, allowing them to witness the transformation of their dream homes from start to finish. Our time-lapse services offer a unique and dynamic perspective, allowing developers to not only showcase their vision but also capture construction milestones that resonate with audiences and create compelling marketing material.

An image of a private residential build captured by Time-Lapse Systems.

At Time-Lapse Systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to cover the entire breadth of the UK and work internationally, providing our clients with quality solutions that exceed their expectations. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to excellence, we manage every aspect of the project to ensure that the finished video is of the highest quality possible. When you choose Time-Lapse Systems, you can trust that your project is in capable hands.

If you would like to hear more about our services please get in touch.

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