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News Time-lapse videos you may have missed from the past week

1 May 2019 Kate

Sometimes we like to publish a roundup of time-lapse content from other creators that we have found across the Internet, so here are some of our favourites from this week.

“Drawing Time lapse” by Arthur Gil Larsen was one of the first things that caught our eye.

Like any other process, the intricate layering involved in drawing is exposed through time-lapse. Lines, shapes, texture and shade are slowly built up on top of each other; each layer adding more complexity to what is being created on the page. By accelerating time, incremental progress is made explicit to the viewer.

This ostrich easter egg painting time-lapse by Wild Adventures Theme Park in Georgia, USA, is also an enjoyable seasonal example of time-lapsing artistic endeavours.

Of course, as we’ve explored ourselves in other blogs, time-lapse has become its own medium of art.

It was a useful tool in this way for Venture Arts (below), who, as part of their “Conversation Series II” exhibition at Tate Liverpool, posed the questions, “What in your life do you find isolating?” and “What in your life do you find liberating?”


As part of this artistic project, the public were invited to give their own answers to these questions by arranging ceramic letter tiles, which were then recorded using time-lapse. Intriguingly, whether or not the words are considered as isolating or liberating is left up to the interpretation of the viewer.

Perhaps something that most people would interpret as a breathtaking sight, has been captured by John J. Bates in his time-lapse video “St Thomas Clouds”. A picturesque port in the Caribbean islands, St Thomas is a dream tourist destination for its tropical conditions and pristine waters.

The energetic bobbing of the boats and the propeller patterns on the water, as well as the fluffy clouds overhead, help to replicate the aesthetic reality of this paradise.

Another stunning find is from Michael Chen, whose aerial time-lapse of the contemporary American West evokes a similar sense of wanderlust. “USA West” seamlessly tracks between aerial time-lapse over epic woodland bursting with colour, towards Nevada’s iconic cityscapes.

The vast cityscape of Shanghai featured in this sequence were also among our favourite finds on Vimeo from this week.

We finish our roundup with this time-lapse tracking the 100-year  (1919-2016) development of Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. With a major expansion such as this, but with construction progress occurring relatively slowly over a considerable period, time-lapse is an ideal lens through which to showcase this retrospectively.

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