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Freight containers with Southampton Freight Services livery

News Using Time-Lapse: Southampton Freight Services

8 May 2017 Kate

Our “using time-lapse” spotlight blogs take a closer look at how businesses big and small are utilising our full range of services.

Office space at Southampton Freight Services HQ

Freight and logistics providers Southampton Freight Services are a family run business. Based in Totton, Hampshire the company has a global reach, offering services via road, air, sea, and international courier.

They are responsible for a global network of offices, warehouses, and agents, which deal with both import and export, express and economy services.

Since early 2015 we have provided time-lapse and video solutions for SFS on two separate-but-related projects, representing major ongoing developments for the company following their relocation to new headquarters.

New building, new chapter

The beginning of our relationship with Southampton Freight Services came as they prepared to move in to their newly acquired premises.

In just under nine weeks the two warehouse units were fitted out with impressive industry features and a fresh, contemporary design to house the business.

SFS enlisted our services after being impressed with our specially commissioned year-long project for the Royal Albert Hall.

The complete renovation of their warehouse and office facility was the ideal narrative to be told using time-lapse.

Thin banner showing work at Southampton Freight Services

Project file – Southampton Freight HQ, interior warehouse/ office fit-out

Location: Southampton Freight Services Headquarters, Totton
Capture duration: March 2015 to June 2015
Number of images captured: Over 10,000 individual images on one camera system

Working within a challenging nine-week timeframe, we employed a combination of time-lapse and video techniques to record the fit-out process, producing a truly bespoke media package that could be used to showcase and celebrate the big move.

With a single camera system operation, we captured the major internal remodelling and refurbishment of the main warehouse, using rapid-interval time-lapse where appropriate to spotlight peak periods of activity.

Video capture was key when tracking certain movements of staff and vehicles in the interior of the offices, as well as the warehouse.

In addition, we spent two days capturing key developments in the final days of the move. Using four different cameras and mounting systems, we worked in close proximity with SFS to ensure that no detail of their labour was missed.

This combined approach resulted in some interesting compositions that really highlighted the contemporary design of the interior.

Expanding the fleet

As well as brand new headquarters, SFS continue to expand in other areas due to the growing demands of their business.

A 12-tonne tail lift vehicle – the DAF LF 180 – became part of the SFS fleet in October of last year to accommodate for the busy upcoming cruise season, and provide double the weight capacity for local collections and deliveries.

Allowing for an up to 6,480 kilos payload, the vehicle is equipped with extended dimensions to allow for increased capability for nightly airfreight services as well as assistance for the cruise logistics division.

While containing environmentally friendly technology to keep emissions and fuel consumption low, the vehicle is also equipped with TomTom Fleet Management – a satellite navigation system allowing for improved communication between driver, office, and client.

The striking graphics that appear along the vehicle’s 2.23-metre curtain showcase the company’s sophisticated branding when on the move.

As part of our second project for SFS, we were able to capture the truck in its working capacity as it was loaded & unloaded at their HQ, as well as its movements in transit delivering cargo to a vessel docked at the port of Southampton.

Thin banner showing a freight truck being loaded at Southampton Freight Services

Project file – Southampton Freight HQ, behind-the-scenes

Location: Southampton Freight Services Headquarters, Totton
Capture duration: July 2016 to October 2016

To maintain continuity between the two narratives, this video begins with an introduction from Ross Negus (MD of SFS), who is featured cutting the yellow ribbon to officially mark the opening of their new HQ at the end of the first film.

Accompanied by his father and brother, the introduction helps set the tone for the ‘family feel’ of the business.

Unlike the previous project which involved documenting the construction of office space, the purpose of this video was to show the making of ‘a house into a home’.

Giving an account of the busy day-to-day operations at SFS, we used a mixed-media approach to focus on primary areas, such as the warehouse and office environments.

Rapid interval time-lapse was ideal to capture intense loading & unloading processes, while stabilised walkthroughs allowed us to document vital work in more detail on the ground.

We also utilised certain specialised equipment such as gimbals and motion-controlled rigs to generate seamless, stylish panning movements.

As well as giving more of a flavour of the core elements of this family-run business, we also included capture of workers during their breaks, providing an insight into the friendly dynamics at SFS HQ.

Established relations

Throughout this time working with Southampton Freight, we have built a strong, friendly working relationship with the team.

Both of our time-lapse edits received positive feedback, as communicated by Ross himself, and have been shared widely across their various media channels, including featuring as the subject of project reports in their own newsletter.

Both of these incredibly important projects represent our ongoing relationship with Southampton Freight Services throughout their expansion.

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