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29 April 2024 Holly Eckersley

As the days get longer and brighter, many of us have more opportunities to get outside and exercise, encouraging us to consider our lifestyle choices a little more deeply. As we re-focus on ourselves and our health at this time of year we thought it would be a wonderful chance to reflect on others’ weight-loss journeys which have been captured by time-lapse. Time-lapse shows each incremental phase in these individual’s body transformations showing the final results with impact.

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This YouTube video shows the effects of a healthy high-protein diet coupled with regular weight training and cardio exercise. Over the course of four months ‘Nathan Gootjes‘ shows his changing shape captured by a daily image which is cleverly edited together showing his complete body transformation. His slimmer waistline, fat loss and increased muscle tone are clearly visible as the video progresses and he attains a seventeen pound overall weight loss. These remarkable results are artfully articulated through the time-lapse video and make clear how daily lifestyle choices will quickly grant change.

‘Ryan Johnson’ shows his incredible 60lb weight-loss journey which he achieved in only nine months. Discussing the negative long-term impact of crash dieting, Ryan states that over the years he ‘has lost and put-back on’ the same 40-60lbs’ showing the unsustainable effects of crash dieting. He promotes his channel where he encourages viewers to follow a healthier approach to losing weight. This time-lapse video shows his changing shape during his nine month body transformation journey demonstrating the incredible results which can be achieved through hard work and determination.

‘@nutritioneering’ shows exactly what can be achieved when people commit to eating a clean diet and taking regular exercise. This time-lapse video documents change to the human body over a five month period showing the participant’s increase in muscle mass and his overall fat loss. The time-lapse images in this video show small but noticeable changes with the final image making clear the remarkable overall effect of committing to a weight-loss programme.

In this time-lapse video ‘Billy Brendan‘ takes footage from the same vantage point everyday to show the effects of a daily run on his physique. The viewer slowly sees his body change shape with less fat around his stomach and more muscle tone on his arms and shoulders. The results are incredible as the man’s body rapidly changes in the final half of the programme. We hope this video goes onto inspire others to try and incorporate time for exercise into their everyday routines.

Time-lapse photography condenses time allowing change to be viewed far more rapidly. Time-lapse is an exciting media that can act as a visual record of a particular time period, such as a weight-loss journey. The time-lapse videos discussed here give the viewer insight into how the body can quickly change due to the effects of a good diet and regular exercise. Subtle everyday changes in the human body or the growth of animals can also be charted by time-lapse photography showing the versatility of this media and its ability to artfully document a range of projects.

At Time-Lapse Systems we are the UK’s leading provider of time-lapse services for a range of sectors and always work especially hard to listen to our clients’ needs. We capture a vast range of exciting projects all over the world from the Scottish Highlands to the Antarctic and our systems are fully customised to the specifications of each job that we work on.

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