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A 360-degree shot taken from a virtual tour of the Congo River Rapids ride at Alton Towers.

360° video – recent applications and innovations

The latest developments in 360-degree technology have completely transformed how we capture the world around us, but doubly, how we can experience things virtually that we have not in reality.

Retro test pattern for TV.

Why use time-lapse in TV advertising?

The use of time-lapse in television advertising is becoming commonplace nowadays. We explore the potential reasons for this in relation to some of the more memorable examples.

The oldest photograph of a human being, from 1832

Development of time-lapse – use in film & TV

Over 100 years since time-lapse was first used in motion picture, it is now being seamlessly incorporated into the media we interact with on a daily basis. From the world’s biggest TV series to major brands and advertising campaigns, see how time-lapse is one of the most popular methods of video production.