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A 360-degree shot taken from a virtual tour of the Congo River Rapids ride at Alton Towers.

360° video – recent applications and innovations

The latest developments in 360-degree technology have completely transformed how we capture the world around us, but doubly, how we can experience things virtually that we have not in reality.

Black and white image of a quadcopter.

What’s new with drones?

As ever, there is always something new to talk about in the world of drones. We cover the latest developments and debates.

Main character central to Wicker Man roller coaster at Alton Towers

50,000 time-lapse images reveal Wicker Man coming to life

A month on from Wicker Man’s grand opening at Alton Towers this weekend – the first UK roller coaster of its kind in over 20 years – we report on our long-term & rapid interval time-lapse video from its construction.