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Early morning snow at Air Products in the North of England

Modern uses for 150-year-old technique

Following on from our previous blogs covering chronophotography, we take a look at how time-lapse is being used in the modern, digital age, and the ‘art’ that it is being used in.

New Year Firework Display

Explosive photography: capturing fireworks

What better way to see in the New Year than with a fireworks display.

But what to do when you review your snaps and realise they are not quite what you expected?

Plans for the Lego scale-model Dallas Cowboys Stadium

We install a timelapse system at Legoland in Windsor

After preparing and testing out a time-lapse camera system for Legoland, we installed it yesterday in the main model building workshop in Windsor. We installed on a specially constructed scaffold to get the camera system in an ideal position to capture the building of a major Lego model destined for the U.S.A.