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Abstract sculpture against a pale blue background.

Time-Lapse Trends: the art of sculpture

This week’s “Trends” instalment explores the winning combination when time-lapse photography is applied to capture the intricacies of sculpture.

Stills of Eadweard Muybridge's 'Horse in Motion'

Time-lapse as part art, part science

The origins of both photography & time-lapse photography are rooted in its function as a scientific tool. Over the years, this function has shifted towards more creative motivations. Time-lapse, therefore, is a product of both science & art.

Macro shot of pencils.

Time-Lapse Trends: 3D drawings

We come full circle in this latest instalment by returning to a theme from our very first blog of the series: 3D-themed time-lapse videos.

World Cup 2018 graphic.

Time-lapsing the World Cup

In this short video blog we feature some of our favourite World Cup themed time-lapses in order to specially mark today as the start of this year’s tournament hosted by Russia.

Macro of rainbow paint strokes on canvas.

Pushing the boundaries of art with time-lapse

Time-lapse has aided artists in their creative processes for a few years now but its applications continue to evolve. In this blog we explore how time-lapse is becoming more than just a way to document the work of artists but becoming part of the art itself.

A smartphone in position to take a selfie.

Evolution of the selfie: a cultural phenomenon – Part I

The selfie has fundamentally changed how we represent ourselves and how others are represented to us. In Part I of this double feature, we consider where the phenomenon came from and where it’s taking us.