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Shot looking up at skyscrapers created using sandbox video game, Minecraft.

Arts & crafts – skill and self expression rendered through time-lapse

“Arts and crafts takes many forms in contemporary life; from more traditional activities such as drawing and painting, to pastimes that are cemented in certain cultures, to more modern adaptations in video game formats.” This video blog explores how time-lapse can emphasise the skill and precision of such activities.

Featured images from videos in the blog

Becoming part of the art

Popular for such a long time, people are still finding new uses and benefits of time-lapse. Take a look at these videos from artists that are cleverly including time-lapse into their work.

Internal shot of artist Charming Baker at work

The intricacies of art uncovered

Long-term time-lapse is often seen as this image and video production technique’s best asset. But what happens when you increase the interval rate of capture and the focus of the subject is the creation of art?

Crowd in the round at The Proms

Humans through time-lapse – part three

We finish our “humans through time-lapse” blog series by looking at two things: ‘changes’ to humans over time and ‘changes’ to the world around us.

Charming Baker working in his studio

Special time-lapse project with Charming Baker

SOTHEBY’S London is the latest in a long-line of prestigious venues where we have installed a bespoke time-lapse camera system – this time in the name of art.

Since December last year we have been working with Alan ‘Charming’ Baker – one of the most dynamic artists of his generation – to help document his work in the build up to his new solo show at Sotheby’s S2 Gallery…

Time-Lapse stars

Time-lapse creates a new definition of “art”

Too often we might believe we have seen all there is to see in the world. But people across the globe are embracing technology as a spyglass to the natural world, exploring the imperceptible changes. People have been experimenting with photography since the early 1800s and the majority of that time has been focused on […]