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Internal shot of artist Charming Baker at work

Time-lapsing Art

Time-lapsing art allows lengthy, intricate processes to be condensed concisely through time-lapse capture and showcased through short videos.

Macro of rainbow paint strokes on canvas.

Pushing the boundaries of art with time-lapse

Time-lapse has aided artists in their creative processes for a few years now but its applications continue to evolve. In this blog we explore how time-lapse is becoming more than just a way to document the work of artists but becoming part of the art itself.

Featured images from videos in the blog

Becoming part of the art

Popular for such a long time, people are still finding new uses and benefits of time-lapse. Take a look at these videos from artists that are cleverly including time-lapse into their work.

Charming Baker working in his studio

Special time-lapse project with Charming Baker

SOTHEBY’S London is the latest in a long-line of prestigious venues where we have installed a bespoke time-lapse camera system – this time in the name of art.

Since December last year we have been working with Alan ‘Charming’ Baker – one of the most dynamic artists of his generation – to help document his work in the build up to his new solo show at Sotheby’s S2 Gallery…