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Lego Tokyo Skytree model build

Our Latest Time-Lapse Job for Legoland

During October, November and December of 2011 we had a time-lapse camera system capturing the construction of a remarkable Lego model of the Tokyo Sky Tree. The model was pieced together by the model builders at the main model building studio at Legoland in Windsor…

The completed Blackpool Tower scale-model Lego build at Legoland Windsor

Blackpool Tower Lego Time-lapse Complete

We finish off the project at Legoland Windsor to time-lapse the construction of two major Lego models…. First we time-lapsed the building of a Lego model of the Blackpool Tower, then we switched the camera’s attention to the building of the building of a lego model of the Midland Hotel. The time-lapse system has now been de-rigged and two edits have now been compiled for Legoland to promote their new attraction in Manchester.

Working on the Midland Hotel scale-model Lego build

Time-lapsing for Legoland

We begin a time-lapse project for the new Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. We will time-lapse the building of two models at Legoland’s main workshops in Windsor. The two model constructions to be time-lapsed are a model of the Blackpool Tower and a model of the Midland’s Hotel.