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Tesco car park tilt shift

Modern Time-Lapse Photography Techniques

Now almost 150-years-old, the photography technique known as time-lapse is still growing & expanding. From the traditional, ‘linear’ method of fixed position capture, it now covers everything from fast-paced walkthroughs to ‘miniature faking’. We explore some of these more modern applications in our latest blog.


Photographing unique moments in time

Photographs provide a snapshot of a particular moment that is forever frozen in time. Mechanically representing images from reality, photography is a powerful medium through which to ponder the enigmas of the universe.

A gold antique miniature statue of a man taking a photograph with a vintage camera

Evolution of photography – pioneers of the medium

Barely two centuries old, the rapid evolution of photography is a result of the creative endeavours of certain pioneering individuals. An artist, scientist, and the father of Victorian photography, we trace the defining contributions of three important figures in this field.

Aerial view across Riverlight at Nine Elms

Life in the round – 360° video and the future of moving images

The latest developments in 360° technology allow us to view the world as we see it, but through a computer or mobile phone.

It is becoming an increasingly popular tool for professional photographers, and thanks to the easy-upload formats used on YouTube and Facebook almost anyone can view the results.

Time-lapse camera system in situ at St Andrews Links Scotland

Time-lapse video on the go

The latest smartphone handsets are now so much more than a phone, with in-built cameras making photography accessible to anyone.

With new apps cropping up every day that promise to deliver time-lapse solutions, do they really have the quality to take on professionals?

Cloudy skies can make great time-lapses

Cameras: a look into the future

Imagine being able to snap a picture of something over 1,000,000 miles away.

Sounds impossible, no? Well, not for NASA. And they are not the only ones doing amazing things with cameras.

Aerial view across Riverlight at Nine Elms

Capturing the extraordinary with drones

Drones are still in the news some six months after they exploded onto the scene.

But forget aerial photography – there are some new ways to use them.

Cranes over a energy construction site

‘Eyes on the prize’… all the time

Have you discovered ‘remote site monitoring’ yet?

Keeping an ‘eye on the prize’ no matter where you are couldn’t be simpler by enlisting the services of a professional time-lapse company.

Night shot of LSQLONDON

Silent Night

A collection of wintery time-lapse shots our cameras have captured from across the years.

Take a moment to enjoy these impressive shots.