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Thurrock campus under construction at South Essex College

Over 60,000 images captured at new campus

Capturing projects for higher education across the UK

OUR time-lapse camera systems and site monitoring services continue to be utilised by educational institutions.

We recently finished a dual-camera system job for South Essex College, capturing the construction of their new Thurrock campus.

Time-lapse camera system in situ at Tesco

Time-Lapse at Tesco

We have just completed the Time-Lapse capture of a car park at a Tesco store to enable Tesco and their consultants Transport Planning Associates to monitor traffic flow and the way the car park is used.

Finished Tesco car park build

We derig a camera system at Tesco in Bromley

The construction of carpark we have been time-lapsing for Condek at a Tesco store in Bromley, Greater London is now complete and we are de-rigging the camera system… The job has progressed without a hitch and we now look forward to following instructions from our client, Condek, for the compilation of the edit.

Tesco car park build

We install a camera system at Tesco store in Bromley

We install a time-lapse camera system to document the construction of a new modular car parking system, built by Condek for Tesco…. The camera is mounted on a wall of an adjacent building in order to get a view across the length of the build.