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Legoland Osaka Discovery Center promotional image

World’s most powerful brand utilises our time-lapse

THE Abeno Harukas – Japan’s tallest skyscraper – has been immortalised in Lego bricks.

Nine months in the making, our time-lapse camera system captured the model’s full build from June 2014 to September 2014.

The Minifigure-scale tower is now in transit from Legoland’s model building workshop in Windsor to a brand new Discovery Centre in Osaka.

Inside the Chessington World of Adventures Wii Party tent

We timelapse the construction of a huge Marquee

Over two days we supplied a fully ‘manned’ time-lapse camera system to capture the construction of a marquee at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey.

Since then, we have set up an unmanned time lapse camera system inside the marquee to capture the construction of lighting and staging, a concert, and the eventual de-rigging. We use our highly adaptive scaffolding system both to get the camera in the most advantageous position and to provide it with a very stable and safe operating platform.

Time-lapse still of Pink's Alton Towers concert

We timelapse concert by Pink

We have now time-lapsed the stage construction, the concert itself and the de-rigging of the stage, for the concert by Pink, which took place at the Alton Towers Resort on 27th June…. We now look forward to putting together the edit.

Preparing the stage at Alton Towers for a Pink concert

We prepare to time-lapse a major concert…..

We are currently preparing to time-lapse the construction of staging for the pop star Pink. We will also time-lapse the event itself – followed by the de-rigging of the staging….. We are currently talking to Alton Towers as the hosts of the venue to find the best possible location to site our camera system.