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Time-lapse photography on construction projects

There are three key stages to creating a compelling and marketable construction time-lapse video – equipment, services and, of course, the final edit. Each one has individual benefits and key considerations, which, when combined, create a complete professional service package.

Historic Horse Guards Parade project

Time-Lapse Videos: an Important Means of Historical Documentation

Time-lapse video has long been established as an artistic and efficient means of capturing special events, projects and phenomena. It’s a technique that is especially useful to document events that take place over a longer period of time, to the point where they’re not possible to be witnessed by the human eye, in the same […]

Stinger roller coaster

Showcasing a Theme Park with Time-Lapse Video

It’s not uncommon for companies and corporations to utilise time-lapse videos for their professional work, as a document or promotional tool. Its versatility means it’s suitable for any number of purposes, whether that’s to film an important event or technical process, either for marketing or as a professional record and document. This is especially applicable […]

Cranes working over Albert Embankment at Nine Elms

Should You Use Time-Lapse Videos to Promote Your Business?

Time-lapse videos are an entertaining and useful medium, but should your business be using them? It’s tempting to start using an interesting and exciting type of technology right away, just because it’s fun. But, before you start using time-lapse videos, you should do some research to make sure it is the right tool for your […]

Construction of a new campus for higher education provider South Essex College

6 Ways to Use Time Lapse Videos in Construction

Bulldozers, cranes, saws and hand tools aren’t the only pieces of equipment you should have at your construction site. You should also have high-definition cameras that capture images to be used to create time-lapse videos. You’re probably wondering what you would use time-lapse videos for, but these are powerful tools you can use to accomplish […]

Whitefriars School

Why You Should Implement Site Monitoring Technology on Your Construction Site Today

What if you could monitor the activity on your construction site from anywhere in the world? Site monitoring technology lets you do just that, so you can see progress and changes from your office chair. No matter how big or small a construction project is, a lot of processes go into completing it the right […]