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Angel Gardens, Manchester.

Concrete in the Construction Industry through Time-Lapse

Concrete has always been an invaluable, cost-effective material for the construction industry as it combines durability, strength and flexibility. Time-lapse videos showcase the benefits of using concrete in the construction process.

Green Park House modular build for the Berkeley Group

Modular construction projects through time-lapse

Modular construction is seen as the future of the construction industry and could be key to reducing current and forecasted housing shortages. With many benefits, modular build can be more cost effective than traditional methods, improving construction speed, reducing waste and simplifying on-site logistics.


Photographing unique moments in time

Photographs provide a snapshot of a particular moment that is forever frozen in time. Mechanically representing images from reality, photography is a powerful medium through which to ponder the enigmas of the universe.

The West Brom HQ

Time-lapse photography on construction projects

There are three key stages to creating a compelling and marketable construction time-lapse video – equipment, services and, of course, the final edit. Each one has individual benefits and key considerations, which, when combined, create a complete professional service package.

Circular celestial patterns as part of a night sky.

Where Time-Lapse Came From and How it Works

Believe it or not, time-lapse imagery has been around for more than 100 years. While the art has been enhanced and perfected with new technology, the concept remains the same. Time-lapse videos allow us to see long processes in just minutes and lets us see both natural and man-made events in entirely new ways. Time-lapse photography had […]

Construction of a new campus for higher education provider South Essex College

6 Ways to Use Time Lapse Videos in Construction

Bulldozers, cranes, saws and hand tools aren’t the only pieces of equipment you should have at your construction site. You should also have high-definition cameras that capture images to be used to create time-lapse videos. You’re probably wondering what you would use time-lapse videos for, but these are powerful tools you can use to accomplish […]

CGI of South Essex College Thurrock Campus

Two HD Time-Lapse Systems at Grays in Essex

We have been working for South Essex College of Further & Higher Education to document the construction of their new Thurrock Campus in Grays, Essex. In October 2012 we installed two HD time-lapse and site monitoring camera systems side by side to capture the length and breadth of the construction site. Pictured below is the […]