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Materials Science Building being demolished at the University of Manchester

Time-Lapse Trends: demolition

Demolition requires as much planning and precision as construction works. Even when presenting processes at a much faster rate than they happen in reality, time-lapse is still able to isolate significant details of such complex works.

Temporary structure of BFI's Embankment Garden Cinema being erected

A complete time-lapse service for hire

Our latest blog considers some of the pitfalls of DIY time-lapse or using inferior, off-the-shelf systems when aiming to capture construction work. With multiple providers of professional time-lapse services also available, what do you need to look out for?

Snowboarder creates a snow wave

Capturing winter sports on camera

Here is another of our ‘photography tip’ blogs, this time focusing on the seasonal white stuff – snow! If you are taking to the slopes this winter and want to snap some shots, have a look over some of our ideas and hints on how to create the best images possible.

Cloudy skies can make great time-lapses

Operating a time-lapse camera system outdoors

What will the British weather throw at us as we approach the autumn and winter months?

Professional media production companies can put systems in place that operate no matter the conditions outside.

Internal time-lapse at Legoland Star Wars Miniland

Achieving the highest possible quality

The “do it yourself” attitude might be mis-placed when it comes to time-lapse.

We explore the potential challenges of attempting to create a fully-functioning camera system on your own.

old school webcam

Moving away from the ‘webcam concept’

Price should not dictate who you employ to set-up a time-lapse camera for your build.

Webcams are cheap, but they certainly do not get results.