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Sunlight over fallen autumn leaves.

Autumn changes across the globe

“It’s that time of year again – when the leaves are falling from the trees to make a crisp and crunchy blanket under foot.” We take a journey around the globe with these autumnal time-lapses.

Pre-construction works on-site at MEPC's 10 Wellington Place office development in Leeds city centre.

The importance of a multimedia approach to business

In order to deliver the best possible services across multiple genres, it is sometimes necessary to implement a multimedia approach. One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to providing media services for clients working across a range of different sectors. It is essential, therefore, to offer tailored solutions in order to fulfil […]

An idyllic castle emerging from the screen of an iPhone - depicting a virtual reality.

360° meets virtual reality

Viewing ‘life in the round’ using 360 degree technology is incredible in itself, but when used with virtual reality, immersive and interactive experiences appear more lifelike than ever before.

Low-angle shot of a drone in flight with a camera affixed to its body.

Autonomous travel – the future for drones?

An important addition to our drone features. In this blog we explore the pros and cons behind recent reports about ‘aerial taxis’ in Dubai and other conventional drone uses.

Cranes working over Albert Embankment at Nine Elms

Media in construction

Taking a look at some of the modern media solutions available on construction sites, and how they can be used to great effect both on and off-site.

Beauty shot of the countryside from a drone

Regulations and retail – drones are hanging around

An updated look at drones following holiday sales that saw them become one of the ‘must-have’ Christmas gifts in 2016. How can they be used commercially, as well as flown for a hobby?

360° drone shot looking over Battersea Power Station and the River Thames

Using drones creatively for a different perspective

Having previously looked at the rising popularity of drones, the benefits to major economies and the laws & restrictions in place to control their use, we take it back to basics in our latest blog. Find out why UAVs can be applied so easily to photographic projects.

Close-up of a drone

Commercial drone use in the UK

With UAVs set to contribute over $45 million to the USA’s infrastructure sector, we take a look at the benefits of drones in both America and the UK, exploring the challenges faced when using them and the things to ask about when using a commercial company.

Steel erection at South Essex College

Capturing construction with time-lapse

Innovative camera system solutions are now being taken full advantage of by contractors, with time-lapse now used extensively across the UK and beyond. Along with other modern image capture methods – including UAVs (drones) and mast photography – construction projects can be remotely captured and monitored for a wide range of uses.

Drone shot overlooking Battersea Power Station and 101 Prince of Wales Drive

The increasing popularity and use of drones in photography

The landmark ruling by the NFL to allow the use of drones inside the league’s stadium is now over nine-months old.

The FAA have also confirmed they believe UAV use will continue to increase at a rapid rate across the next five years.