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Environmental protesters on the picket line in Washington.

Time-lapsing the environmental agenda

With the recent protests in London by socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion receiving considerable media coverage in April 2019, the environmental agenda has been given a wider platform. We look at how time-lapse may represent this urgent issue.

A smartphone pictured capturing a natural scene.

A better relationship for photography & the natural world?

We consider some of the ethical questions facing present and future generations eager for Instagram-worthy experiences, and the important work being done with smartphone technology to reduce harm to the natural world.

Looking up to the top of a tree

Telling stories from the natural world

Exploring the natural world through photography as we take a look at Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016. How can you use photography to capture and evoke the emotion of the environment and its inhabitants around us.

Early morning snow at Air Products in the North of England

Modern uses for 150-year-old technique

Following on from our previous blogs covering chronophotography, we take a look at how time-lapse is being used in the modern, digital age, and the ‘art’ that it is being used in.

Time-lapse camera system in situ at St Andrews Links Scotland

Time-lapse video on the go

The latest smartphone handsets are now so much more than a phone, with in-built cameras making photography accessible to anyone.

With new apps cropping up every day that promise to deliver time-lapse solutions, do they really have the quality to take on professionals?