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Tesco car park tilt shift

Modern Time-Lapse Photography Techniques

Now almost 150-years-old, the photography technique known as time-lapse is still growing & expanding. From the traditional, ‘linear’ method of fixed position capture, it now covers everything from fast-paced walkthroughs to ‘miniature faking’. We explore some of these more modern applications in our latest blog.

Our time-lapse edit shared by the BFI on Twitter

Why use rapid capture time-lapse?

Rapid capture solutions may not be the most traditional application of time-lapse photography but when used to cover short-term works it can reap impressive results.

Huw Edwards introducing the Mary Rose project on the BBC News at Ten

Using Time-Lapse: broadcast television

What we produce is viable to many visual genres. This instalment of “Using Time-Lapse” focuses on some of the ways our work has been used in line with televised broadcasts by several high-end companies.


Site monitoring: an additional benefit of time-lapse

The full potentiality of time-lapse photography rests on its dual capability as a video marketing tool and as a site monitoring solution. We consider the latter in some detail, exploring its various benefits for contractors, stakeholders, and other invested parties.

Giant big-top tent being raised at Chessington

Utilising time-lapse for effective event management

For both long-term and short-term events – from major venues and festivals to stand & stadia redevelopments – time-lapse can be used to relay information, as part of marketing or for monitoring purposes. In this latest blog we explore some practical examples of time-lapse at events.

Still image from time-lapse of a space capsule being launched... from space

Time-lapses with a difference

Adding motion to time-lapses can create some wonderful videos.

Here are some of our most recent favourites.

Demolition work of a tower at Molson Coors

Our work: demolition

The “our work” series takes a closer look at some of the clients and projects we work with and on.

Demolition is the focus of this (second) blog.

The Smiler rollercoaster being constructed at Alton Towers

How time-lapse transcends industries

From chronophotography came time-lapse, which is now reaching out to countless sectors.

From construction to remote event photography, it benefits thousands of businesses every day.