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Water lily

Biophilia and blooms in time-lapse

Biophilia and blooms in time-lapse capture the beauty of unfurling flowers and blossoming plants and lets us engage with nature.

Black and white eye looking at time-lapse video

Time-lapse – revealing what the eye cannot see

“One of the most remarkable qualities of time-lapse photography is that it enables a view of things which our eyes cannot naturally see.” We explore this advantage of time-lapse.

A field of daisies sitting under a clear blue sky.

Time-Lapse Trends: springtime

We return to our regular running feature, “Time-Lapse Trends” with a timely seasonal theme, which considers how the best of springtime may be captured using regular interval photography.

Macro photograph of crocus buds starting to blossom in the snow.

Spring into action with photography & time-lapse

Despite the cold snaps we have been experiencing recently, we are starting to see some signs of springtime emerging. We consider how photography and time-lapse can be put to use to document this vibrant season.

A sunset over a woodland scene with a carpet of bluebells.

Coming to life – springtime time-lapse

We continue our seasonal theme with this short video blog, featuring several examples that offer creative, varied perspectives on the ‘coming to life’ of nature during springtime.