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London cityscape

Capturing never-to-be-seen again views of the city

While time-lapse is a practical resource for contractors to share their major developments, it can also function as a way of preserving parts of a city that will never look the same way again.

Construction scene in Manchester's New Bailey during blue hour

Night-time time-lapse

We dig deep in our time-lapse archives to bring you a selection of stunning images taken by our own camera systems during times of low-level light.

Lightning and storm clouds over a desolate landscape.

Time-Lapse Trends: weather

We continue our “Time-Lapse Trends” series with another common subject for time-lapse – the weather.

Overlooking The Alchemist on Salford Quays during golden hour

‘Hours’ of predictability – the beauty of the still image

Reliable for its consistency and predictable interval photography, time-lapse is a tool than can be counted on. Additionally, beauty can also be found in the still image – especially during times notable for a particular quality of light.

Autumnal-coloured tree in a yellow field

Capturing the ‘golden’ shot in autumn

We take a step away from our usual time-lapse blogs and look at the changing seasons. With autumn approaching, take a look at some of the key factors to consider when composing and taking photographs this season.