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Long-exposure night shot of City Tower at Reading

A Look at Driving Time-Lapse

A look at driving time-lapse. Driving time-lapse can capture surroundings and a different place in just a few minutes of video.

Close-up of a drone

Videos that went wrong – part two: humans

The second half of our blog featuring Internet videos where things perhaps did not go to plan. Part one focused on animals, but part two on humans – and their interaction with everything from rock formations to fish under the sea.


Videos that went wrong – part one: animals

This two-part blog features videos from across the Internet that show how doing it yourself can sometimes end up with less than ideal results. Part one focuses on animals – and perhaps why you should not leave your equipment unattended in the wilderness!

Drone with camera in flight

The good, the bad and the retro

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is coming to an end today.

But what new inventions are set to make this year ground-breaking for photography?