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A low-lit Halloween-themed scene featuring iconic seasonal items, such as pumpkins, candles and skulls.

Halloween – scary times caught on camera

However you choose to spend 31 October, it can be hard to escape from Halloween. We look at some of the ways in which this seasonal festival is popularly captured.

Pumpkins in the darkness lit by a lone candle.

Time-Lapse Trends: Halloween

This week’s “Time-Lapse Trends” coincides with a popular autumnal trend – Halloween. For pumpkin carving, costumes, make-up, and other creative activities, see our selection of videos.

Spider's web in the sun

Avoiding horror-ble Halloween shots

It’s Halloween! However, capturing photos of your favourite decorations or carved pumpkins can be a scary thought as you head out this evening. Read through some of our tips for shooting in low light and challenge yourself to be as a creative as possible.