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Stills of Eadweard Muybridge's 'Horse in Motion'

Time-lapse as part art, part science

The origins of both photography & time-lapse photography are rooted in its function as a scientific tool. Over the years, this function has shifted towards more creative motivations. Time-lapse, therefore, is a product of both science & art.

Our time-lapse footage of the Mary Rose on the BBC News at Ten

Time-lapse: interactive and truly timeless

Photography dates back hundreds of years, but time-lapse is as relevant today as it has ever been. Already helping business large and small to promote their services and engage with their audiences through visual campaigns with video at the core, how and why should you take advantage of professional time-lapse video?

The oldest photograph of a human being, from 1832

Photography firsts

Today we tend to take photography a little for granted. Back in the 1800s, pioneers of this medium were often inventing and innovating processes to better capture every instance of everyday life. We take a look at how photography has developed (excused the pun) throughout the decades.

Stitched American flag

The changes in US presidential photography

A timely blog on the use of photography and visual imagery by US presidents past & present (and respective presidential candidates) in both election campaigns and whilst in office.

Etienne-Jules Marey

Chronophotography: the early predecessor to time-lapse videos

It might be the New Year, but the old has been kept very much alive recently. Our previous two blogs have had a somewhat nostalgic feel about them, with Polaroid making a comeback in the instant-print market and highlighting the importance of the $1 Kodak Brownie. Taking a break from the origins of affordable cameras […]

horse in motion time-lapse

The History of Time-Lapse Photography

There’s no denying that time-lapse photography is becoming an increasingly popular art from, utilised by everyone from nature documentary filmmakers to companies looking for a new advertising technique that best shows off their work. Thanks to a plethora of new apps, it’s even possible for amateurs to have a go at creating their own very […]