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'Happy Easter' cross-stich design.

Capturing Eastertide with time-lapse

A seasonal holiday blog but with our usual time-lapse twist. Here we feature some interesting time-lapse videos that ‘capture the essence’ of Eastertide.

Image of three orange decorated eggs sitting atop a small nest.

The best of Eastertide with time-lapse

Following our recent spring features, this short blog brings together several time-lapse videos which capture the essence of this special time of year. Happy Easter!

Sun rises over a snowy lake behind trees

Some more festive time-lapses

With Christmas still (just about) on the mind, we bring you one last lot of Christmas-themed time-lapses for 2016. Featuring a huge model village and a trip around Edinburgh.

A horse-drawn cart passes a Christmas market in the snow

Around the world in 12 Christmas time-lapses – part one

This time of year we love to spread some festive cheer. In previous years you might have enjoyed our bizarre (and somewhat tenuous) “12 Days of Time-Lapse” blogs. For 2016 we take a tour around the world through time-lapse. Discover “part one” of this two-part series right here.

Night shot of LSQLONDON

Silent Night

A collection of wintery time-lapse shots our cameras have captured from across the years.

Take a moment to enjoy these impressive shots.