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Image of three plants in the process of germination.

Time-Lapse Trends: growth

“Time-Lapse Trends” looks at beards, babies, plants, and human life in this week’s instalment, featuring examples of how time-lapse has been utilised to document processes of growth.

Crowd in the round at The Proms

Humans through time-lapse – part three

We finish our “humans through time-lapse” blog series by looking at two things: ‘changes’ to humans over time and ‘changes’ to the world around us.

Tesco car park tilt shift

Humans through time-lapse – part two

In our second “humans through time-lapse” post, we explore a number of ways to use this specialist photography method to capture human life, over both long and short-term.

The Time-Lapse Systems team outside the company head offices

Humans through time-lapse – part one

The ‘selfie’ has become such an important part of people’s lives, regardless of whether that is want or not. In our first blog post about “humans through time-lapse”, we look at the creative ways selfies can be used.